It is where I am….

Acceptance….not being a person with patience, this achilles rupture/repair has been a challenge.  I have chosen to accept where I am instead of “endure it with patience”.  Each day is a slightly better with more mobility and less of a limp.  Instead of thinking “it is what it is”, I say it is where I am at this moment.

Today was a great day in spite of the edema.  PT is progressing well.  My ROM is within a degree or two of normal for me.  My strength is returning with my therapist providing me “new games” to play with each visit.  My favorite are the balancing exercises! I am finally to stand on the injured leg for as long as I want without falling over.  WOW!  Going down steps remains an issue for me….but it is getting easier.

So where am I?  10 weeks 6 days out from surgery, walking in 2 shoes, riding a stationary bike without resistance for as long as I want, and still working really hard to walk without a limp. 


  1. Stuart Said,

    August 10, 2011 @ 4:22 am

    Alice - Funny thing, I went for a bike ride this afternoon and when I was getting off the bike I immediately thought of you. I have had a couple of rides clipped into my pedals and this time when I had a bit of trouble getting my bad leg unclipped. Nothing serious because I could just keep rolling forward until I got it out but my thoughts were of some chat on your site about this very thing. I don’t think I would try it on the trails just yet. I have been doing some specific exercises for this reason and feel they are working. Anyway I thought I would see if there had been anything from you recently and here it is. Reading your post, it sounds like you are on a bit of a slump emotionally but still working hard on your recovery. When it all started the weeks went so slow. Now the weeks fly by and yet we don’t see as much improvement as we would have hoped for. Our life gets busy again but we still can’t get out to do all the fun things. I am speaking of myself but it may relate to you and others. I get a bit tired at times of doing all the exercises (like today) and each time I go to the physio there is another one or two to add to the list. When will it all end !!!!! When it gets this way all I can say is find something that makes you happy and do it. Retail therapy works for some. Go and spoil yourself on something. Get a massage or whatever works for you. It’s time to bring some joy back into your life. It was around week 11 or 12 that I did my first free ride on the bike and it felt good. Maybe you could ask your physio if you are up to that yet. All the best to you.

  2. ali Said,

    August 11, 2011 @ 11:25 am

    Alice, I also thought of you today. Im trying your ice gel pack idea inside my boot. Before the op I tried ice for months but it used to make things much worse. I learned in the end only heat helped. Post op things have changed and ice helping now. Will have to try it for a couple of days to judge, thanks for the idea. Getting a bit fed up of the old oedema. Good to hear how you are getting on.

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