Climbing mountains & crawling down the hill

Hit a tree.  No damage to me or the bike.  Over the handle bars. No damage to me or the bike.  Stopped to avoid a tree.  Skin abrasion to my leg.  Yep, I am riding my mountain bike as much as I can.  Opted out of the clipless pedals…too much to think about with my limited coordination.  Bought a dual suspension bike and love, love,  love the feeling that I have more control.  This time last year I thought my bike days were over…..pretty much I do what I want to do…..except the one legged calf raise.  My guess is I healed long…any non-surgical suggestions? 

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New River Trail

These days I am feeling more like me….I spent the weekend biking the New River Trail in Virginia…72 miles.  It amazes me how good my achilles and foot feel after riding.  What bugs my foot is inactivity or walking for long distances.


20 weeks Mountain Biking

Earlier in the week, my MD granted me permission to mountain bike on forest service trails.  So my husband and I loaded the bikes and headed to Dupont Forest.  Like this injury I did a very long down hill stretch, then turned around and climbed back up.  Climbing was harder than I expected, but I could do it:)  My plan is to bike again this afternoon.

I continue to check this site daily and thank everyone for their posts! 

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It is where I am….

Acceptance….not being a person with patience, this achilles rupture/repair has been a challenge.  I have chosen to accept where I am instead of “endure it with patience”.  Each day is a slightly better with more mobility and less of a limp.  Instead of thinking “it is what it is”, I say it is where I am at this moment.

Today was a great day in spite of the edema.  PT is progressing well.  My ROM is within a degree or two of normal for me.  My strength is returning with my therapist providing me “new games” to play with each visit.  My favorite are the balancing exercises! I am finally to stand on the injured leg for as long as I want without falling over.  WOW!  Going down steps remains an issue for me….but it is getting easier.

So where am I?  10 weeks 6 days out from surgery, walking in 2 shoes, riding a stationary bike without resistance for as long as I want, and still working really hard to walk without a limp. 

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After my scare on Friday, I spent the weekend fretting over my black, blue and swollen foot.  I decided if my PT thought I had busted something, I was going to call for a MRI tomorrow.  After pushing my foot this way and that, the therapist had good news.  He thinks I busted an adhesion when I tripped.  My range of motion is better and my foot is at 13 degrees.  Wow.  I was able to complete all of my therapy chores, but my homework is tough.  I am to walk around in two shoes at home at least 30 mins a day. 

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Near Miss Again

I am a klutz. At nine this morning I tripped over a box a work and felt a pop on the lateral side of my ankle. The pain was an immediate burning sensation with a decrease in mobility. My MD’s office is across the street and they worked me in for a quick check. No major damage, but I am to reduce my physical activity to the level I was at a week ago. Another weekend of elevation, rest, ice….but thankfully, I am still on two feet without crutches. When does this feeling of iminent doom go away? Or the need to search every room for possible hazards go away?

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I am so happy I could

dance….but I will wait until I can start “high intensity sports”.  On Friday I lost the wicked crutches.  It felt great to carry them instead of them carrying me.   By the way, I finally learned how to use one crutch. 

Over the past 2 days, I have been everywhere with my CAM boot….Target, Old Navy, Flat Rock Bakery, Barleys, a dog party (eleven dogs), the local produce market, a bike shop. Lowes, Sams….. My most important purchase was a new bike helmet.  Also, I am thinking about getting clips and shoes for my bike.  Any thoughts on what would be safer for mountain biking? 

Tomorrow, PT begins…..


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Falling in love with CAM

Good ole CAM boot saved my repaired AT this afternoon.  Nothing like ambulating with crutches on a slick floor.  Yep…I was “hot doggin it” and BAM….girl meets floor.  No bruising or pain to the foot.  Everything seems to be in working order….My doc did warn me that a fall was bound to happen and to keep the boot on……Glad I listened.  But I do wish I could burn the crutches…..9 more days and I’ll be starting the fire to melt the wicked things. 


3 wedges remain, 2 wedges gone, 1 crutch?

Sutures out….yeah!  Two wedges gone with permission to walk with one crutch.  Huh?  Going to take a while to figure that one out….any suggestions?  I am allowed to stand as long as most of my weight is on the good foot.  My calendar idea worked.  I have the plan now….July 8th ( 18 days) FWB, then August 1 (42 days)  Two Shoes. In addition to flexing my foot, I can do ROM….just no forced movement.  So I plan on doing the ABCs as described in another post.  PT not yet…..will talk about it on the 8th.   Also, I talked them into a smaller CAM boot….much lighter and it does not rub my ankles.  I am beginning to feel like me again.

By the way, taking the wedges out did not hurt.  Also, I was prepared for major pain when my foot was manipulated..not as bad as the sutures coming out!

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Pain in the butt

Everyone keeps on asking about my pain….which is none except for my butt.  Like ya’ll I am not a person who sits.  I think every inch I am losing in my calf is finding a new home on my butt.  Even with the new padding, it still hurts.

On a brighter note… salvation has been gel ice packs.  They are thin enough to slide in my cam boot and come in various shapes/sizes.   The round ones are perfect for the ankle/the heel and the rectangular ones are great for the back of the leg. I plan on taking some to my orthopod ………I think that is why at the end of the day I have little/no edema.

Five more days until my sutures are out and I can begin to be me again.  I hoping to start PT and get rid of a wedge.  It seems like that I zone out during my conversations with my surgeon, so I am going to take notes on a calendar.  Does anyone know the sequence….ATR, surgery, splint, cam boot with PWB and crutches ….what comes next? All I can remember is 9 months to regular activity and possibly 18 months to my mountain biking, hiking, and being me.

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