Hi, my name is Alex and I wanted to blog about my Achilles tendon recovery and injury since I am stuck here unable to do much haha. I ruptured my Achilles on Sept 27th in Judo, I went to throw my opponent over my right leg and they braced their knee into my calf as I tried to lift them and felt an incredibly terrible pain in my calf, like it was trying to cramp, but was not pulling my toes down like it usually does. I couldn’t walk and hobbled off the mats hoping the pain would go away, it only got worse. Within a few hours I was at the hospital getting looked at, a few thousand dollars worth of medical tests I could not afford later and the diagnosis was in: Partially ruptured achilles and torn calf muscle, basically like the achilles was torn off the calf, but not fully separated, just solid enough to not need surgery, but disconnected enough that if I tried to walk on it I would likely rupture it the rest of the way.

The swelling and discoloration was impressive, apparently because of the soft tissue damage to the muscle, my injury looked much worse than it actually was, it was similar to a broken bone, large, swollen, purple, and painful. Lots of ice packs, elevation, and light duty at work has been my life lately. The boot I hate, only because I still had the one left over from my broken leg, but I was unable to use it because it would not point my foot in the right direction, I also find it somewhat uncomfortable to have my foot pointed all the time.

I go in tomorrow for my one month to find out how I have been progressing and find out if I can handle partial weight bearing, my doc has been worried about the amount of tissue damage I have related to the muscle itself and is concerned that it could slow my recovery. I know based on what I have read on the achilles blog website that my recovery has been much more on the swollen and painful side than most, it took two weeks before I could even handle my foot being below my waist for more than a few minutes, but things have progressed well since.

I’ll make another post after I have gotten back from my doctor once I have found out what the new update is, fingers crossed for partial weight bearing and reducing the angle of my cast.

Also I don’t have any pics, but this is kinda what my leg looked like, except much more purple: