The Achilles Face/Keeping fit

October 29, 2009

I managed to get back to work today, eight days after the ATR.  I mainly work in an office so should be able to get my job done without any great problems. 

I’ve found that using crutches has become much easier, even after a week.  It’s not necessarily the control, but my stamina seems to have increased so I can go further.  Still, I think a couple of hundred metres is my limit at the moment.

How have others got on with crutches?  Do you find yourself able to go further and stay on them for longer?

Of course, everyone wants to know what I’ve done, which is really nice, of course.  But it can get a bit repetitive.  I’m currently developing three versions of my story. 

The full version, for family, friends,  those who are really interested, or those I think I can get car lifts from in future.

The medium version for most work colleagues.

And the short version for those who are just being polite, or look like they’re in a hurry.  This one is:  “I’ve just stretched some ligaments in my ankle.”

I’ve found the moment you mention the Achilles tendon, people want to know everything.  It’s great as most people have exactly the same reation.  Their lips purse, there’s a sharp intake of breath, the nose scunches up towards the eyes, and the forehead comes out in deep furrows.  It’s what I now call ‘The Achilles Face’, and it’s followed by ‘The Achilles Sound’.  This is a long ‘oooooooooooo’.  Like the vowel in ‘boot’, but longer.  It’s certainly an injury people feel particularly squeamish about.

My next goal is to start exercising what I can.  I obviously won’t be going jogging, but assume I can do other stuff to try and keep in some kind of shape.  I would welcome any advice or suggestions on this as I haven’t read up on it yet.