Black, White, Blue? Or Pink?

October 27, 2009

Just back from the Fracture Clinic at Addenbrookes, having decided to go for the conservative approach. 

With so many studies and accounts to consider it’s not possible to be totally happy with a decision, but that’s it made now and I have to stand by it (assisted by crutches).

The consultant said that while there will be a higher risk of re-rupture, it is still commonly a successful treatment, which would require the same time in cast as having surgery.  I feel comfortable with the advice I’ve been given, though part of me would have preferred them to tell me what to do instead of offering plenty of reasons - any combination of which could have led me down either path.

I’ve spoken to a lot of friends in the last week about the choice I was having to make on surgery.  With few exceptions they’ve said: “I think you should go for the surgery.”  But when I ask them what they are basing that on, no-one has been able to say why.  I think the assumption is that going for surgery is the best option, and you’d only avoid it if you were fearful of it.

I’ve been convinced by the consultants I’ve seen that opting for non-operative treatment is not a cop-out, and rationally it’s as sensible as going for surgery, if for different reason.

If I’m unlucky and it does re-rupture, then I can always go for surgery then. 

So, I’ve got a fancy new hard cast that I’ll wear for the next three weeks.  I chose the white option, though I could have had it black, blue, yellow, or pink! 

When Eric, who put me in cast, took the temporary “back-strap” off, my ankle was swollen, with yellow bruising on the calf and dark red below the ankle.  Didn’t look too bad though.  Scratching my calf for 30 seconds after he took the old one off and got the new one ready almost made this whole ordeal worth it!

I’ll wear this until mid-November, with the toes pointing downwards, then swap it for one where they’re brought up slightly.  I’m looking at eight or nine weeks in plaster, then on to the next step.  I’ll worry about that when it comes.

Some very good news is that I can go back to work when I like, so I’ll see if I can get in later in the week. 

I could do with one of those Segways.  Anyone have one spare?