12 Weeks Post op

Since my last post I’ve made improvements both physically and mentally.

  • I have transitioned to shoes with a heel lift at home -> shoes without lift at home -> shoes all the time inside/outside of the home
  • Driving! (This was a huge gain for me mentally. The first few times were nerve wracking, but with each time I drive I feel more and more confident)
  • Walking barefoot around my home.

I was amazed how much being in shoes affected me mentally. Being able to quickly put on shoes rather than the infinite number of straps on the boot. It was not nearly as painful/tight as I was expecting when I transitioned.

Also, I was amazed at how soft the bottom of my surgical foot became. I had no calluses whatsoever. It was pretty painful the first few times I walked barefoot, not in my tendon, but the bottom of my heel. I’ve quickly built up a minor callous on my heel and the sensitivity to walking barefoot.

My biggest problem at this stage is limping. I rarely feel tight and almost never get painful anymore, but I am really struggling to eliminate the limping. We’ve really worked in therapy to increase the mobility in my toes and shift my weight onto the ball of my surgical foot. I am making progress slowly, but this limp is tough! Whenever I walk I am constantly coaching myself “Walk normal. Walk normal.” It’s like I can’t even remember what a normal walking pattern is!

I am going to start work next week. Luckily, I am able to ease into it and work a few hours at a time. I plan on working a day then taking a few days off. I’m nervous to return to work, but at the same time I am at the point in my recovery that it is the next step. I am anticipating being very sore, swollen and tired at the end of the day. But I am looking forward to getting back to work.

8 weeks post op

I’ve been reading this site since my injury and it has helped me the past few weeks. Recently, things have gotten very hard for me mentally. I think this injury has begun to really wear me down. I decided to post to help work through my thoughts and feelings. If this helps anyone else going through something similar,  than even better!

To summarize:

11/14 - Partially tore my right Achilles tendon playing soccer. Got into the doctor get next day decided to treat it conservatively with a boot, 2 wedges and FWB.

11/19 - was at the grocery store and heard another pop and felt like I got kicked in the back of the leg. Got into the doctor the next day (again) and was told my tendon was 80% if not complely torn. Doctor highly recommended surgery. I did my research and got a second opinion. I decided the surgery route because I wanted to get back on my feet ASAP

11/28 - Percutaneous Achilles repair surgery went well. I was placed in a cast and NWB.

2 weeks post op  back to boot with 2 wedges.

4 weeks post op - one wedge

5 weeks post op - no wedges.

6 weeks cleared to start PT. The doctor said I could transition to shoes and return to work when I felt I was ready.

For work, I work part time at a hospital and I am on my feet all day. Occasionally, having to lift patients. Also, I’m the mother to an active 1 year old. Up to the 6 week mark I had to have someone home with me at all times to help manage my daughter. The doctor had also said he didn’t want me lifting my daughter at all until the 6 week visit. (I am so thankful my parents and in laws were able to help while my husband was working. I don’t know what we would have done if not for them)

So here I am at 8 weeks, one week of therapy done mainly doing ROM and stretching exercises.  I’ve begun to transition to wearing shoes at home when I have someone here. I’m very cautious about putting myself into a situation that is unsafe (like chasing after my kid). However, I also worry I’m not pushing myself hard enough.

The therapist is very hesitant about me returning to work any time soon and to be honest, so am I. I’m getting sick of being at home and not being able to drive anywhere but I am also terrified of trying to go back too soon. I feel my husband wants me back to work yesterday. This situation has created a lot of stress for both of us.

I am terrified of re rupture. I don’t know if I could handle going through any of this again. This has been one of the hardest thing she I’ve ever been through.

I have a few questions and I wasn’t sure if anyone here would be able to help me out. Anyone who does a physical job, when were you able to go back to work? Were you in a boot?

Also, has anyone else been on a lifting restriction? How much and when were you cleaned?

When does this fear of re rupture fade?

I feel like at 8 weeks things should be pretty well healed but I’ve seen stories of people re rupturing at 3 or even 5 months!

Hopefully, things keep getting better and I get out of this funk.

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