The Rupture

Let’s just say, having to sit on a laptop and type this blog is nearly killing me…

I lead a very active lifestyle which is only supported by living in a climate that allows for some of the best year-round outdoor activity… Miami, FL!  I moved to Miami from Chicago a little over year ago and immediately immersed myself in beach volleyball, running, softball, etc.

I joined a flag football league this fall and played a few games with my team prior to the ATR game…  I was doing great, playing both sides of the ball while continuing to outrun everyone on the field.  I am 28 and was truly in the best physical shape of my life.  I felt great! I felt unstoppable…

My team was on goal-line defense and I was playing man coverage.  My receiver didn’t stand a chance, and the QB knew it. The ball was snapped and our defense held up with an incomplete pass. The play was dead and as I was running backwards on my coverage, I stopped stepped back and pop!  As most ATR victims, I looked behind me as I thought a baseball hit my calf… Not seeing anything around me, I knew what happened.

My ATR was nearly identical, and just as non-aggressive as David Beckham’s rupture:

To the ER we go…

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