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17 weeks and 3 days - haven’t been on for a while
February 16, 2011, 1:38 pm
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Hi to everyone. I can’t believe it’s so long since I’ve been on here. Nice to see all the regulars on, along with so many new people! It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was a newbie and now life is almost back to normal.


At the beginning, people asked me how long it had been since my injury and I could immediately tell them in weeks and days. Now, I’ve had to count up how may weeks it is. It’ll be 4 months tomorrow – or 17 weeks and 3 days.


Since I was last on, I’m back in the office, driving, exercising on the static bike and on the treadmill. I’ve been so busy catching up with everything that I haven’t had time to think. I’m still seeing my physio as I still have a slight limp, but I’m now down to once every 10 days-ish. She’s got me doing heel raises going up on two feet and then coming down on one; hard work but it’s coming along.


I did have a slight setback about 4 weeks ago. I was out walking, going downhill, and felt a ping in the back of my leg, along with pain. I panicked and ended up in A&E – after 4 hours of lots of calf squeezing and ultrasound they confirmed that it was just a sprain. Phew! It did teach me a lesson that Norm tries to teach us all – Watch Your Step!!! It’s so easy to become overconfident.


I loved reading all the new stories on the site and remembering. I laughed at Janet’s comments about making the bed. I had a similar experience with an ironing board! Trying to get the thing upright while standing on one leg and then realising that the iron wouldn’t reach the socket – not the best experience I’ve ever had.


I can also sympathise with Gary and the reaction to Norm’s protocol. I printed all the articles out, annotated them with my own comments and took them to the hospital – only to find that they wouldn’t even look at them. Good old NHS!


I still have real issues with swelling, and am still going downstairs one at a time, can’t put my good leg down first. Otherwise I feel great and am getting my life back. Still haven’t been to the football but our next home game is on the 26th so I’ll be there cheering on my team.


Good luck to you all x

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Welcome back Aileen, have missed you. Replied to your comment on my blog so hope you get to read that. Keep up the good work. LL

Comment by liverpoollass 02.16.11 @ 3:32 pm

Hi Aileen! Yes the good old NHS that put me from a cast straight into 2 shoes then told me not to come back! Madness if you ask me but I’m just getting on with it. How long before you drove? My doc says ‘as soon as you can do an emergency stop’ but I’m a bit wary driving as just been out of the cast 3 days and just doing stretches until my physio in 2 weeks. Glad you’re doing well - don’t be a stranger!!

Comment by garyf 02.16.11 @ 7:10 pm

Aileen just me again, just been reading some of your old posts and can’t believe how similar our treatment protocols were!! I too saw 3 diff consultants on the 3 occasions I went to hospital, I was six weeks toes pointing down then straight to neutral for 2 weeks (PWB) then also put from cast into shoes and had I not pushed for it, would not have been offered physio! Scotland & the North East NHS must be very similar - not in a good way!!

Comment by garyf 02.16.11 @ 7:21 pm

Welcome back, Aileen, and congrats on all the progress toward “normal”!

I think “we” should be able to get you walking down stairs normally, too — or at least at normal speed and looking normal to the casual observer! I discovered a way of leading with the good leg without “scaring” the healing leg. It’s worked for a number of people here already, though maybe nobody recently.)

Basically, you need to plant your healing foot (your L) much farther forward than you’re used to. As you get stronger and more confident you can gradually edge it back, but you can start with the “nose” of the step under your arch, or even just at the front of your heel. The front of your foot is sticking out “over air”. (The risk to your AT comes from having your weight force your ankle to dorsiflex by pushing up on the ball of your foot, and there’s NOTHING under the ball of your foot, so your AT is safe.)

Shifting all your weight to that left foot is easy and safe, and all the weight is now on the heel, and part of the arch. The new part is that stepping PAST that foot, down to the next step with your R foot, is ALSO easy and safe, because your L foot can just “roll” around the nose of the step, while your ankle stays in the neutral position!

Don’t start out with your slipperiest shoes, and if you’ve got boots, they might add some confidence at first. (If you had a VacoCast or another Orthotic Boot, I might have you strap it on just to practice this “move” in complete safety. You didn’t get one, did you?)

Anyhow, the “move” works reliably and easily, once you get the hang of it. You DO have to place your L foot on the step “just right” (like Goldilocks!), so it’s another opportunity to Watch Your Step. No multi-tasking on the stairs!! But once you get it, your friends and family will think your leg has just had a magic breakthrough in healing.

Comment by normofthenorth 02.17.11 @ 1:37 pm

Hey Aileen, glad it is all coming together for you. You are at about the stage where I could really start to work on fitness again, which is brilliant…though a longer road back to my prev fitness level than I realised ;) Keep up the good work!

Comment by bronny 02.18.11 @ 1:03 pm

Hi all, it was lovely to hear from everyone again.

Norm, thanks for the advice on the step thing. I’ll give it a try over the weekend. I didn’t mention last time that we had a fire drill at work last week while I was on the 9th floor I wouldn’t let them put me in the Evac chair so I walked all the way down, one step at a time! By the time I got to the bottom, everyone else was getting ready to come back in :0)

Hi Gary, I remember when you first came on and I was reading your posts and comparing notes. I think you were slightly worse than me as you were equinus for 6 weeks while I was only 4, but I can’t believe that you had the same problems with physio - I guess it pays to be pushy because I dread to think where I would have been without it.

Are you a football fan? I support a team from the North East :0)

I’m a bit sore again today, I went out walking yesterday and overdid it again - I’m old enough to have learnt my lesson by now. Just a twinge though hopefully.

So glad to be back in touch with you all x

Comment by aileenscotland 02.18.11 @ 3:06 pm

Hi Aileen - yes I’m a massive football fan (soccer for our American cousins ). My team is Newcastle United which can be tricky as I work in Sunderland (our ARCH rivals!) take it easy with the walking - ‘one step at a time’ as they say!!

Comment by garyf 02.18.11 @ 5:57 pm

Ah a fellow scot, how are you Aileen?
i am new on this site but very interested in folks views of how the NHS helps patients throught the recovery period after AT repair/alteration procedure.
i am currently FWB in a fibreglass cast which is due off in 2weeks time so prepairing for physio next.
would love to hear more about your experiences of this area through NHS,
many thanks,

Comment by jimthejoiner 04.21.11 @ 4:43 am

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