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9 weeks 4 days - and Physio!!!
December 23, 2010, 11:22 am
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Hi all, Merry Christmas.

Things have moved on very well since my last blog. I’ve realised since my injury (and due to this site) what a wimp I am! I was told at the hospital that I wouldn’t get physio fr a month and initially I just accepted that. However, thanks to responses on here (particularly Theresa - huge thanks) I pushed it, and I got an appointment on Tuesday.

I have got to say that it was one of the most painful experiences of my life, but boy was it worth it. I had an hour of her time - we did cycling, stretches and massage (that last bit was the worst!) and my walking has improved so much I hardly recognise myself.

The exercise she has given me are - circling the foot both ways, then putting a belt under the ball of my foot and pulling up to 90 degrees. Gentle lunges and squats and then standing on a step and pushing my heel down. I also have to do hot and cold plunges with the foot twice a day as the swelling is still pretty bad. (I’m also experiencing a bit of back pain but I suppose that’s a result of inactivity for 9 weeks)

Feeling great, very positive, practicing my stretches religiously every day and looking forward to cooking Christmas dinner.

Good luck all, have a great time x

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Hi Aileen, well donne on your progress, it sounds like you’re well on your way to regaining your life. Keep up the hard work with the physio but remember to listen to your AT as well. Hope you have a great Christmas and a healthy new year. Carry on healing and remember to watch your step in this horrid weather. :)

Comment by liverpoollass 12.23.10 @ 1:32 pm

I’m so pleased it worked out for you. At last you can do something to help your recovery, and I think that gives you a huge mental lift. Good luck with the exercises and have a great Christmas

Comment by teresa1 12.23.10 @ 5:02 pm

Sounds great, Aileen. Do continue to Watch Your Step, though, because you’re still very vulnerable. We’ve had people go back to “square one” just from overdoing versions of 1-leg calf raises. Don’t count on warning, just (I’d say) don’t do more than 75-80% of what you THINK you can safely do, and don’t do more than 105% of what you’ve done before. 105% of yesterday today, then 105% of that the next day, that kind of gradual but steady progression should balance fear and aggression.

Don’t completely suspend your disbelief just because your PT says something, either. If it seems quite new and scary, it MAY be!

These next steps can often become frustrating, but you’re still doing things you only dreamed about doing so recently — so don’t forget that!

Good luck, and good strengthening!

Comment by normofthenorth 12.23.10 @ 5:42 pm

Congrats Aileen. I am glad you are a little happier, especially with the holiday season upon us. Keep up the good work. Paul

Comment by paulg 12.23.10 @ 10:28 pm

Hi Aileen - congrats on your progress! I am almost 2 weeks behind you so love to follow along with those that are just ahead of me!

A couple of questions - can you explain the belt exercise a little more for me? Are you sitting when you do it? Also, what kind of massage does she do?

I am currently in Honduras with no access to physio. Trying to live through others… =)


Comment by Dalene 12.26.10 @ 1:26 pm

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