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8 weeks 3 days - in shoes
December 15, 2010, 11:10 am
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Hi all, I haven’t been around for a while. Busy working and trying to stay sane.

Well, I’m out of my cast and into 2 shoes after my hospital visit yesterday. Great news and I feel about a stone lighter.

It’s not all good though - the boot that I paid for is sitting on its own looking sad. The doctor said it was too late to fit it, I should have had it 4 weeks ago! I have to add that this was my 4th visit to the hospital and the 4th different doctor I’ve seen.

She sent me home with an appointment for a month, “to see how I get on” - no exercies, no physio, no follow up, nothing. I am really unimpressed with the NHS in Scotland (think I need to emigrate to Canada!)

So I’m shuffling along on two feet, trying to findĀ a method that’s not too painful, putting a lot of weight through the crutches. I’m looking for a private physio in my area, there are a few in the nearest town about 15 miles away.

I hope you’re all healing well out there. I’m off to look for a pair of Clarks shoes as nothing else is comfortable.

Take care all x

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I came to the emigration idea independently, before I got to it in your post. Canada does seem to do the government-supplied universal health care thing better, sorry.

Your timeline widget says NWB, which can’t be right, can it? Were you still using crutches and NWB last week? They never even gave you a fiberglas cast that could hold your weight?

OK, if so, then one of your jobs is to get your left foot used to carrying your weight again. More standing than walking, at least at first. You can certainly “pseudo-walk” on crutches, planting your left as if it’s carrying weight, but initially just resting it on the ground, then gradually adding weight. And you can try standing on two feet in a safe place (doorway, or between a chair and a table or wall), initially with most of the weight on your right, then gradually shifting toward balanced, then even toward standing on your left.

Your main hold-back — other than making sure you don’t fall or hurt yourself — will likely be a sore foot, esp. the sole, and esp. the bottom of the heel. Crocs and soft footbeds help, and rolling over a ball helps. Don’t ignore the pain.

Many of us took >2 wks to transition from NWB through PWB all the way to FWB. You should be able to go a bit faster, but listen to your body.

The other consideration is that your AT is more vulnerable now than it’s been, or than it’s ever going to be, so Watch Your Step, with a vengeance!

You should soon feel like the landmarks are flying by, but don’t get so carried away that you actually feel safe! Not yet.

Comment by normofthenorth 12.15.10 @ 11:42 am

I would recomend that you work on your ROM first. To be able to walk you need to improve that before anything else, Start pointing toes then moving toes to left and right. That was all I did for the first week, then I started balancing on the leg whilst holding onto he kitchen counter. I can’t believe they sent you off without physio, mine started about week 5 and I’ve had it weeekly since then. If you search on the net there are loads of videos for ROM schilles exercises but I’d seriously find a physio it does help. Good luck with your progress, and well done for gatting out of the cast, but watch your step!!!!

Comment by liverpoollass 12.15.10 @ 11:42 am

Thanks guys, yes Norm I was NWB till yesterday and now I would say PWB. I have been trying the standing (shifting weight)and pseudo-walking things. I get that horrible feeling like pins jabbing into my heel. Will try ball-rolling and Crocs. It’s really good to know that I have time to train my body from the NWB state of the last 8 weeks. Note to self - don’t try to go too fast!

Thanks Liverpoollass - would you believe I can’t move my toes left or right? How weird!

Soooo happy to be out of plaster!!!

Comment by aileenscotland 12.15.10 @ 12:33 pm

I can believe it and that range of motion commes slowly. My pysio gave me 3 lots of 10 ponting, left movement and right movement 3 times a day as well as one leg balances. It takes a while but it does come, don’t rush. The harness of the floor amazed me when I first stood up bare foot. That too passes, I used a thick bathroom mat to help ease it and stood in the door way for one leg stands, as suggested by Norm. I began by taking some body weight and slowly increased the weight. You can of course do the one leg stands in your boot for extra protection!

Comment by liverpoollass 12.15.10 @ 1:20 pm

Good idea, due to the conflicting medical advice on the boot, I was thinking about sticking some dried grasses in it and using it for an ornament!!! :0)

Comment by aileenscotland 12.15.10 @ 1:32 pm

You probably saw a locum (temporary) doctor who didn’t have a clue about the hospital treatment protocol. You need a proper rehab programme from a physio. They will give you an individualised exercise programme, check that you’re doing them right. They should also offer massage and maybe ultrasound. I got far more sense out of the physio regarding what I was capable of doing.
Don’t just accept the unacceptable, ring your consultant’s secretary and explain that you have been given no advice, no referral to a physio and that you’re not happy with the situation. This should ensure that the consultant will refer you. Don’t leave it , as the hospital will be running down a bit for Christmas.
Unfortunately, you get better treatment on the NHS if you shout , so SHOUT loudly.
A 15 mile journey to a physio is not really on, especially if the
Weather gets bad again.
Good lick and let us know how you get on.

Comment by teresa1 12.15.10 @ 3:20 pm

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