Skiing recap

April 22, 2012

The skiing in the big mountains went quite well. I didn’t notice my tendon much unless I ran unexpectedly into a mogul or a bump with my skis which would cause a quick dorsiflexion in my ankle. If that happened at high speed, the sudden stretching could be painful, so I avoided bumps and moguls. There was some late season powder, and skiing powder was not a problem except once when I fell forward in some real cement-like snow, and got a bit of a stretch. My lower leg was very tired by the end of each day especially on the last run of the day back to the village, and an ice pack felt really good for apres-ski. Overall, it was clear that I need to work more on my flexibility (especially dorsiflexion) and my calf strength. The good news is that after the ski trip I have noticed my calf on the injured side is stronger as I can do better calf raises now.

3 Responses to “Skiing recap”

  1. ryanb Says:

    After all you’ve been through, it sure is good to hear such a positive report! Great that you were able to get out while there’s still a little bit of snow left.

  2. normofthenorth Says:

    Ya, what Ryan said! Your ankle/calf/AT sound like they felt more vulnerable in your boot at ~30 weeks than mine did at Whistler at 17 weeks (non-op, even!), and I wonder why. It’s possible my boots are stiffer, but they’re fairly flexy old Raichle Flexons. I don’t recall my leg ever being nervous while I was skiing, though I think I went pretty fast and skied some off-groomed “powder cliffs” and fell a few times and all.

    It still sounds totally great, both for the well-deserved psychic boost and the positive clinical result!

  3. Janus Says:

    Happy to hear the good news.