4 months after re-op

January 12, 2012

Like a lot of people, I have been lax on updating my blog.  I went to 2-shoes and then started thinking of other things.  In my case, I found a new job and moved.  When I first interviewed at my new employer, I arrived on clutches (PWB).  Of course, they were loath to ask me what was the problem but I explained that it was an ATR.

For the last few weeks because of the move, I have not been able to follow a rehab plan other than packing and un-packing boxes, taking the dog for a walk and doing a quick electrical stimulation program.  Recently I found a new physical therapist, and she is concerned about my limp.  I am really trying to work on that now with various exercises - thinking about rhythm and knee and toe position etc.  The general weakness and lack of flexibility in the injured leg makes it especially difficult to walk with any speed, and to descend stairs.  What I also notice at this stage is that after an hour or two of sitting, my tendon becomes quite stiff.  Another minor problem is the painful heel rubbing that I get in snug-fitting shoes.  I took J Diaz’s advice (from myachillesrupture.com) and bought some Vibram five fingers shoes.  They are great for working on the walking exercises but they do rub the back of my heel.