October 6, 2011


Here is a photo of my scar 3 weeks after surgery.  As this is my second operation, the surgeon had to harvest some bits of tendon from higher up and that is why the scar is so long.   Luckily, some people seem to think that scars are attractive.

3 Responses to “Scar”

  1. bcurr Says:

    Wow, that is one hell of a scar. Makes mine feel a bit inferior now!! :-)

  2. wilco Says:

    Hi, yes as scars go, that’s an impressive one. No pain / itching? By the way I used loads of babycream around (not on) the scar to get the skin to soften up. Worked wonders.

  3. ahnadlass Says:

    No pain or itching - I think it is because it is still quite numb all around. Hopefully this will get better soon.