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These past 2 weeks have been pretty good. In week 2 and 3 I got used to crutches and iWalk2.0. I also gained confidence in going out on both of them.

Week 4 started with the 4th of July weekend - Independence weekend in USA. I decided not to hold back that weekend. I mowed part [...]

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It’s been 3 weeks since my rupture and 2 weeks since my non-operative treatment began. The last 2 weeks have been pretty much an adjustment period and I have to say I am now getting used to this one legged situation. Everything now seems easier and I do not really have any complaints (well, except [...]

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Well, what a week it has been! I think everyone that had something new and major happen to their body knows what I mean. The worst part for me during week 1 was the stress of the decision whether to operate or go with the non-operative route.

Thursday and Friday after my Wednesday night rupture were [...]

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Wednesday, June 8th, 2015 - it was my last day of blissful ignorance about achilles tendon rupture (ATR)….


I am in the middle of house construction projects and that day I was painting our laundry room. I knew I had to work fast, because I had pickleball [...]

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