11 weeks post op

I’ve been walking in two shoes for almost two weeks and every day it gets better. I walk with a slight limp but i’m stretching it more each day. I thought i would wean off the boot but once I haven’t needed to. I’m working in hospital with Hoka brand sneakers instead of my danskos as those have a bit of a heel height to them. Just today i’ve stopped using the scooter as I can walk almost at normal pace now. I can’t walk fast though.

PT is good. I really like that she gives me the confidence to push forward. I’m a bit PTSD from the injury and keep thinking i’m going to pop it while stretching. The ortho said no running, lol, until we meet up again in 4 weeks. I hope to be able to do that by then which will be week 15 post op, almost 4 months post injury.

2 Responses to “11 weeks post op”

  1. Hi there. You and I are on a similar road to recovery. I am at about 12.5 weeks post op and I am walking decently, just looking forward to walking without a limp and actually running.

    Today was a bit depressing because I was on my feet all day (about 16 hours) and I had significant swelling, and was in quite a bit of pain at the end of the day. In fact, I was walking worse than when I first got out of the boot. Have you had days like this?

    I am nervous about re-rupturing mine as well! lol. I can’t believe how long it takes to simply walk normally again. We could have all just broken bones in the leg/foot and we’d be running marathons by now…

  2. sorry for the late reply. walking without a limp and attempting to recover full ROM is my goal now too