8 weeks post op

I have had four PT sessions now. I’m going twice a week for six weeks. My therapist warms up my ankle with warm towels then massages my leg and foot for a bit. Then i perform supervised exercises using the theraband and wobble board. I’ve been shifting my weight on to my injured foot. The bone under my pinky toe is super tender. Not sure what i did, but it’s preventing me from really putting full weight on my foot evenly. I’ve walked across the PT floor barefoot. I also walk barefoot to the bathroom in my house. I do have my boot on otherwise.

I feel my incision looks bad. The red spots are still there, but appear to be diminishing somewhat. There is a bit of wrinkle in the skin at the base of the incision that looks horrible. I’m hoping it flattens out.

There is a bit of edema now that i’m working back at the hospital and just generally walking more. I was afraid of going back to the hospital because i wasn’t sure how i’d handle performing my job while in the boot. I’m doing just fine though and on my first day back caught a baby in a challenging position - mom was standing up in the bathroom. I cover my boot with a surgical bootie to keep the fluids off. It works just fine. One of the nurses brought in a scooter for me to use at the hospital and it’s great. I can really get to all the rooms without tiring myself out. I figured out my “crab walk” to go faster. If i walk sideways i can walk faster!

I see my ortho doctor next week and he’ll OK to go to shoes. I’ll wear the boot at hospital for some time though, to protect my ATR. I’m going to ask him if i can set the boot to articulate so I can walk in it better.