Week 6 post op

I saw the ortho a few days ago and he said- OK put the boot flat. I was not ready to do that so i told him i’d take it from 20 degrees to 10 for a few days then work it to 0. That’s where i am now. When i put it to 10 degrees i felt a pull on my tendon and little soreness and ache but nothing extreme. I went to work the next day and walked around without crutches in a sort of stunted gait. I did that the next day too, but this time my tendon was less tender. So, the next day after that i took it flat and i’ve been at that for two days. My tendon still aches when i try and put it in the boot after having been out of it, like overnight. I’ve been sleeping without the boot for two weeks now and feel fine about it.

PT - I called the PT and have my first meeting with her this week, so that would be in week 7. He told me i’d be in shoes in three weeks, so that would be week 9. I continue to work my foot three times a day, massaging arnica oil in to it. I use a TENS unit in the morning applied to the calf for muscle stimulation. It has a timer on it so it helps me get through the tediousness of home PT.

Incision - There is a concern as there continues to be this red area that cannot be explained, near the incision. It hasn’t spread and it’s not tender. It’s been there from when I first saw the incision. He thinks it may be cellulitis? He gave me some antibiotics, but i’m on day 4 and nothing has changed. I’m super concerned about it.

Pain - That searing pain right at the heal reduces everyday and I don’t even notice it anymore.

Gait/strength- I’ve been able to put all of my weight on my injured foot for about a week or so. My leg feels super strong and my calf really has minimal atrophy. I was working on a more regular gait when i had the achilles sole on the boot, but now that it has the flat sole and i’m at 0 degrees, i’m back to this shuffle walk. I take a step with my injured leg and then i can only bring my non-injured leg up to meet it as i feel too much stretch in my tendon if i try and roll through my foot. It will come i guess.