Week 5 post op

i’m so looking forward to my week 6 post op appointment. i’m ready to go down in angle with the boot and try and put the flatter heal on. i can put all my weight on my foot but balancing on that rocker heel and walking in it is slowing me down. i continue to have some periods of searing pain where the incision is and i don’t know what that means. my home PT of getting foot out and flex/point and wiggle toes 3x day doesn’t seem to feel like there is an improvement in range of motion. my ortho said formal PT can start next week and i’m anxious to talk to him about that. i slept with the boot off for the first time last night. i kept the cloth insert of the boot on, to remind my brain i need the boot if i get out of bed. i told my work i’d be ready to see patients in the hospital and catch babies by week 7. it’s going to be hard, mainly because of the anticipated swelling. i hope to be cranked down in the angle of the boot with the flat sole and just walking without too much of a weird gait.

3 Responses to “Week 5 post op”

  1. Does your bad ankle hurt at all when you walk on it? I am at 7 weeks and I can walk, but my ankle bone hurts each step I take. It isn’t the achilles that hurts, just my ankle bone on the outside. Does anyone else have this pain during the boot walking phase?

  2. Popouch - does it hurt just under the ankle bone where it sticks out? I had a pain there and my doc said there is a nerve that runs through there and, often, that nerve gets annoyed by the surgery. I don’t recall if you had surgery but if so then things that got moved around may have annoyed the nerve.

  3. popouch - no, none of my bones hurt. my only source of pain in right above the heel at the base of the incision. it is a searing pain which my ortho says is nerves fortunately, the pain is almost gone now. i’ve been massaging that area with arnica oil, and the rest of the foot and ankle. i was very worried that it was going to last. my pressing concern is my incision doesn’t look that great. i’ll try and post a pic later. there is some redness that isn’t going away, and there is some wrinkle in skin at the bottom. it’s hard to explain without a pic. i’ll try and post. i see my ortho today and will post later tonight what he says.