Week 4 Post op- PWB

After my 3 week post op visit with my ortho i began the task of PWB.  Each day i’m able to put more and more weight on the foot. I’m back at work seeing patients in the office and once i’m in the exam room i’m able to hobble along without the crutches to perform the exam. I keep my foot up on my desk between seeing patients. I had minimal swelling while NWB but now it has increased a bit. I have a long commute home by car and put my foot up on the dash while driving! Once home I’m really just in bed with leg up and lots of massage. Getting foot out for PT at home three times a day for 10 minutes with gentle active point and flex and wiggling toes. Incision still is oozing just a speck at the end of the day on the gauze but looks clean and no redness. I think this is due to the swelling. Working on trying to be walking in a boot, without crutches by next week. I’m still at 20 degrees so that makes it a funny looking hobble-like walk.