Week 3 post op

I saw my orthopedist yesterday at 3w1d post surgery. They took the stitches out and washed the incision and put some steri-strips on it. It looks like it’s healing well. The doctor felt the tendon as i he flexed my foot back a bit and it felt tight and he said that’s good. I told him that i’m still experiencing some stinging and burning along the incision and heel. He said that that was the nerves. I have sensation all over my foot, it’s just this searing pain. He said as I move my foot more it should resolve. I’m not happy about that. He said i can shower without boot.

Rehab - He said to take leg out of boot three times a day and for 10 minutes focus on flexing (not past neutral) and pointing. I asked him about deep water walking or cycling. He said - for you, no lets wait until 6 weeks. I suppose he said that because i am a 50yo female, but he never asked about my activity level, which was active - kick boxing classes etc… He said do pilates. Whatever. Ill just continue my strengthening routine at home. He said no to acupuncture before six weeks. He said yes to TENS therapy on calf. He said to go to 20 degrees on boot and try and wean off crutches over the next week, but leave at 20 degrees. I got right on that and am experimenting with the one crutch walk.

Work- I’ve worked two days now and it’s ok. I have an hour commute home by car. I see patients in the clinical setting. I came home today and put leg up and found that the area not covered by the internal soft boot was fairly swollen. i think i’ll put on a knee sock for tomorrow.

Pain - May try some CBD oil for the nerve pain. Super bummed about this aspect.

Surgical report - I asked for the surgical report. All pretty standard except for this bit: “Deep fascia overlying the FHL muscle belly was identified. An FHL fasciotomy was performed at this time. This was necessary for a tension-free paratenon closure as well as to increase vascular supply to the Achilles tendon repair site.”  I  googled around a bit and this didn’t seem a too common procedure. My only concern is that a complication of this is reduced flexibility of the big toe. When he was examining me he asked me to curl my toes and the big toe didn’t want to go. It can move up and down, but not curl. He said he saw it “want to.” At the time of this exchange I hadn’t read the surgical report so didn’t know the significance of his assessment of the big toe. Hope this big toe is not damaged.

Mood - With the nerve pain and concern over big toe and being tasked with getting to walking without crutches in three weeks, i’m not very chipper. The caps play the first game of the playoffs tonight and we are going to watch and order wings. Maybe some whiskey…