Week 5 post op

i’m so looking forward to my week 6 post op appointment. i’m ready to go down in angle with the boot and try and put the flatter heal on. i can put all my weight on my foot but balancing on that rocker heel and walking in it is slowing me down. i continue to [...]

Week 4 Post op- PWB

After my 3 week post op visit with my ortho i began the task of PWB.  Each day i’m able to put more and more weight on the foot. I’m back at work seeing patients in the office and once i’m in the exam room i’m able to hobble along without the crutches to perform [...]

Week 3 post op

I saw my orthopedist yesterday at 3w1d post surgery. They took the stitches out and washed the incision and put some steri-strips on it. It looks like it’s healing well. The doctor felt the tendon as i he flexed my foot back a bit and it felt tight and he said that’s good. I told [...]

Yoga while recovering

i found a nice youtube series on yoga while recovering.

Week 2 post op completed.

Tomorrow will mark two completed weeks post op. This was Easter weekend and I did get up and make lamb and my beans, as well as go get my nails done. Small outings. Sitting on the bench in the park with my leg up, but not above my heart, made my leg throb. I go [...]