Day 7 Post Op appointment

I”m one week post op and i was scheduled to go in for wound check and to be fitted in to the CAM boot. I purchased the Vacoped in small. I’m a 39 Europe sizing and 81/2 female American sizing. I was right on the border between small and medium. I called the customer service and we talked it through and I ordered a small.

The medical assistant took the puffy bandages and splint off to expose the leg. I was prepared because i had looked through many pictures but it was still shocking. I’ll post a picture below. She cleaned the wound and put a strip of ointment infused gauze on the stitches and then wrapped a gauze around ankle and then put on a gauzy-type sock thing. We futzed around with the boot and got it on OK. I was then told to come back week 3 post op to get stitches out and see my doctor. No weight bearing.

He had given me a rehab plan that seemed moderately conservative when compared to the two dozen or so plans I had read. I plan to talk with him about my rehab pan. Will post more on that when it gets sorted. Since about three days post op I have been doing some exercises. The first week i did, all while reclining in bed, quad squeezes, 20 every hour; leg lifts, 20 every hour; leg abduction 20 every hour; toe wiggles and toe points 20 x 3 every hour, all from 8am to 8pm.  These were not proscribed by my doctor, but i found them in some rehab protocols. It felt good to do them. I also massaged my toes every hour as they were still numb and i wanted to encourage circulation and wake the nerves up.

Pain¬† the pain is odd, some nights i had a searing pain where the incision is, but it would be momentary. There is always sort of a pulsing after i’ve been up to walk around. There is a tingling feeling most of the time. I took a few oxycodone when the block wore off, some acetaminophen a few times and twice a day aspirin, for DVT prophylaxis and pain. This is all what I had expected, except for the extended nerve block, from reading through the achilles blog site. I’m writing this for therapy, but also to give back to the ATR community here. What a cool find and so therapeutic for me.

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  1. You’ve got a really good attitude and enthusiasm that will serve you well over the next several months. If you get tired of crutches, I recommend using a knee scooter. That was a huge help for me. That weird sensation when you get up after having your leg elevated is a common one. To me it felt like alot of blood suddenly rushed to the bottom of my leg, uncomfortable but not painful. That feeling should gradually subside. Good luck to you and please keep us posted.

  2. thanks! i’m trying to focus my energy on healing and exercise. i certainly feel the mini pitty parties, but they don’t last long. i’m deciding against the scooter. i found that i feel like i’m exercising my core and upper body with the crutches and that makes me happy. i’m pretty good on them too and nothing hurts when i use them. i appreciate the support!