In Shoes and Driving

So I am now getting around in shoes and without crutches.  Leg feels ok and I must admit no worse than after 5 hours of tennis on a Saturday.   My main pain is actually sometimes with the top end of the calf (especially after sleep where it can be quite sore). Have started doing [...]

Starting to Hobble

Well, I have waited my eight weeks and am now putting weight on the foot.  The scooter has been returned (yay).  Went and saw my phsyio and he wished I had come earlier  - in contradiction to the surgeon.  I am assume the answer is somewhere in between.  My movement is alright but still quite [...]

Commencement of Week 7

So I start week 7 and man am I missing playing sport.  The good thing is I got away on the weekend for a day just to break up the monotony of being house bound.  Its pretty sad that when my kids take me for a coffee, I get excited.
My surgeon doesn’t want to have [...]

2nd post

Thought I better get around to putting in another post (and still learning the tool).  Thanks for the responses - it does make you feel part of a community.  Don’t take this personally - I didn’t want to be part of this community.  I have decided to put off talking to the surgeon for a [...]

The story so far

So like many others on this site, I was caught by total surprise when the injury occurred.  On 21st April,playing squash like normal - in fact moving better than I had for some time.  30 minutes in and then I suddenly thought I had been kicked. I started to turn around to [...]