In Shoes and Driving

So I am now getting around in shoes and without crutches.  Leg feels ok and I must admit no worse than after 5 hours of tennis on a Saturday.   My main pain is actually sometimes with the top end of the calf (especially after sleep where it can be quite sore). Have started doing lots of low impact , high repetition exercises to try and increase flexibility.  My main issue at the moment is the swelling I still get around the ankle.  Apparently this lasts a few more weeks.  The good thing is I can now get around (need to be careful around steps) and most importantly have been able to drive again which allows me to feel like I have a life again.  I am continuing hydro ever second day and continue to immerse my foot in my freezing cold pool twice a day for 20 mins each.  Next goal is to be fit enough to cope with walking around Vietnam in early August.

2 Responses to “In Shoes and Driving”

  1. Way to go Adrian! It is sooo nice when you get to drive! I didn’t care that I was still in my boot for everything else when I started - LOL!

  2. Great news adrian!! Back to driving again. Driving, something that I really do miss doing.

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