Starting to Hobble

Well, I have waited my eight weeks and am now putting weight on the foot.  The scooter has been returned (yay).  Went and saw my phsyio and he wished I had come earlier  - in contradiction to the surgeon.  I am assume the answer is somewhere in between.  My movement is alright but still quite swollen so elevating at night really helps.

In theory I will be in the boot for another 2 weeks only.  Have started putting my foot twice daily into my pool (its freezing) but seems to be helping.  I also plan to do some hydro therapy twice a week.  Need to at least be comfortable in getting around flat surfaces as going on holidays in 6 weeks (to Vietnam) - nothing like a challenge.  Back to work next week.

To add to our fun and games, my son had surgery on his knee so he is now on the couch.  I think my wife wants to move out.  (I also suggest you don’t do renovations through this stage - lol)

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  1. I still find it amazing how many different healing protocols there are for these injuries/surgeries. My doctor had me doing simple ROM at week 3 and slightly more advanced ROM at week 6. I didn’t go to PT until week 10. You do have a challenge with that trip to Vietnam not too far in the future! Good luck with weight bearing. Remember to take smaller steps so you can work on a normal gait.

  2. Thanks - did you do any hyrdo therapy and if so did you work on anything specifically?
    (good advice on the smaller steps)

  3. I did my own hydro therapy - LOL! Used the pool at the gym to swim and walk. I REALLY wanted to walk barefoot and could only do it under water initially :) I found that swimming used very different foot muscles from boot walking. Not that I should be surprised - but I was :) Check with your doc or PT before you start swimming - just to make sure they are OK with it at this point. Kaiser does minimalist PT - no fluff like massages/… and certainly no hydro therapy for my injury :) But so far I’ve healed up nicely so I can’t complain.

  4. Your PT can probably give you some hydratherapy exercises. I did some last spring after my first ankle surgery. I did frontward (regular) and backward walking, side stepping both ways, calf raises, squats, some hip and upper leg exercises, and treading. But I wouldn’t do anything like that until you run it by your PT. You’re pretty early in your recovery. Even now at 13 weeks my PT has told me to be really careful in the pool because of the extra resistance from the water.

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