Commencement of Week 7

So I start week 7 and man am I missing playing sport.  The good thing is I got away on the weekend for a day just to break up the monotony of being house bound.  Its pretty sad that when my kids take me for a coffee, I get excited.

My surgeon doesn’t want to have a bar of any exercise/movement until the end of week 8.  Thought of having an argument, but in the end conceded to just to play ball.

I am getting around on the scooter more (life saver).  I still hate using crutches on the odd occasion.  I can now also sit for much longer and though I still elevate the leg it is no longer defining me.

The wound itself is looking good.  The only thing that is looking poor is my stomach from the Clexane injections (blood thinners) - its rather bruise.

Hurry up week 9.  Cheers Adrian

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