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Thought I better get around to putting in another post (and still learning the tool).  Thanks for the responses - it does make you feel part of a community.  Don’t take this personally - I didn’t want to be part of this community.  I have decided to put off talking to the surgeon for a week - just need a break from thinking about it if you know what I mean.

I continue to get stronger and can move around better every day (amazing what you can do on one foot).  I have been put to the test this week as the wife has had painters in so I have been moving from room to room.

I would be interested in people’s thoughts on blood thinners.  I use Clexane and am bruising nicely around the stomach (injections daily).


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  1. hi Adrian - don’t take it personally, but I didn’t want to be part of this community……either time! :) Yep, second time around for me - the first time being 5 years ago.

    Good to see you’re getting better - slowly as it may seem for all of us. Remember, celebrate your little victories along the way. It helps you get through this process!

    Blood thinners? For your heart? Your Cardiologist should be your best advisor on that. But, if you’re just getting info on what other people use…….I use Clopidogrel (aka Plavix) - 75MG tablet, once a day. With any kind of blood thinner, you’re probably going to bruise much more easily than you used to - I sure do! I don’t even know where half of these bruises come from! I kid around that my wife secretly beats me at night! LOL!

    Happy Healing!

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