In Shoes and Driving

So I am now getting around in shoes and without crutches.  Leg feels ok and I must admit no worse than after 5 hours of tennis on a Saturday.   My main pain is actually sometimes with the top end of the calf (especially after sleep where it can be quite sore). Have started doing lots of low impact , high repetition exercises to try and increase flexibility.  My main issue at the moment is the swelling I still get around the ankle.  Apparently this lasts a few more weeks.  The good thing is I can now get around (need to be careful around steps) and most importantly have been able to drive again which allows me to feel like I have a life again.  I am continuing hydro ever second day and continue to immerse my foot in my freezing cold pool twice a day for 20 mins each.  Next goal is to be fit enough to cope with walking around Vietnam in early August.

Starting to Hobble

Well, I have waited my eight weeks and am now putting weight on the foot.  The scooter has been returned (yay).  Went and saw my phsyio and he wished I had come earlier  - in contradiction to the surgeon.  I am assume the answer is somewhere in between.  My movement is alright but still quite swollen so elevating at night really helps.

In theory I will be in the boot for another 2 weeks only.  Have started putting my foot twice daily into my pool (its freezing) but seems to be helping.  I also plan to do some hydro therapy twice a week.  Need to at least be comfortable in getting around flat surfaces as going on holidays in 6 weeks (to Vietnam) - nothing like a challenge.  Back to work next week.

To add to our fun and games, my son had surgery on his knee so he is now on the couch.  I think my wife wants to move out.  (I also suggest you don’t do renovations through this stage - lol)

Commencement of Week 7

So I start week 7 and man am I missing playing sport.  The good thing is I got away on the weekend for a day just to break up the monotony of being house bound.  Its pretty sad that when my kids take me for a coffee, I get excited.

My surgeon doesn’t want to have a bar of any exercise/movement until the end of week 8.  Thought of having an argument, but in the end conceded to just to play ball.

I am getting around on the scooter more (life saver).  I still hate using crutches on the odd occasion.  I can now also sit for much longer and though I still elevate the leg it is no longer defining me.

The wound itself is looking good.  The only thing that is looking poor is my stomach from the Clexane injections (blood thinners) - its rather bruise.

Hurry up week 9.  Cheers Adrian

2nd post

Thought I better get around to putting in another post (and still learning the tool).  Thanks for the responses - it does make you feel part of a community.  Don’t take this personally - I didn’t want to be part of this community.  I have decided to put off talking to the surgeon for a week - just need a break from thinking about it if you know what I mean.

I continue to get stronger and can move around better every day (amazing what you can do on one foot).  I have been put to the test this week as the wife has had painters in so I have been moving from room to room.

I would be interested in people’s thoughts on blood thinners.  I use Clexane and am bruising nicely around the stomach (injections daily).


The story so far

So like many others on this site, I was caught by total surprise when the injury occurred.  On 21st April,playing squash like normal - in fact moving better than I had for some time.  30 minutes in and then I suddenly thought I had been kicked. I started to turn around to tell my playing partner off and realised he was a few meters from me - at which point - my brain went ‘oh shit’ and I crumbled into a heap.

Went to emergency that night but given we were heading into a long weekend was told that surgery may have to wait until Wednesday. I was also keen to go to a Wedding on the sat.  In the end the Surgeon was fully booked up on the Saturday. I got to go to the wedding (and learnt how to use crutches prior to surgery) and was operated on Sunday.

The message that stays with me - no tennis for 12 months - I am having trouble getting my head around this.

Operation went all right but was told that I had ripped the achilles off the bone so operation was a little harder than expected.  I hope (and still do) that the surgeon knew what he was doing.  I didn’t feel anything for another 24 hours due to the block.  On Monday afternoon with pain returning but manageable I was able to be checked out.

I slept the first few nights on the couch downstairs - still in shock and bumbling around on crutches.  After that I used a bum crawl to get upstairs to bed.  Nothing is easy and showering was twice a week with plastic bags over the cast.

Two weeks after surgery, the cast was removed and the wound looks ok.  I was put in a moon boot and told not to put any weight on this until the end of 8 weeks after surgery.  (having read many of the blogs I wonder if this is the right approach but I am not inclined to push my luck with the surgeon).

So all is going as well as can be expected but I am as bored as you can be.  Having generally played tennis and squash 3 times a week, sitting on the couch is incredibly frustrating.   I am lucky I have been able to take sick leave from work.  And I hope to be fit enough to enjoy a planned holiday in Vietnam at the start of July.

The best thing I can recommend is to get a scooter which does allow you to move around faster (and seems to be much safer than crutches).  I also have been lucky to have a supportive family.