What is the cast timeline……Giddy Up!!!

So I had the surgery where they put me in a half cast at 45 degrees with toes pointing down - after 10 days I then went back to the doc who put me in a fiberglass cast for 19 days in the same position.  I will go back to the docs in a week and he wants to change the cast (still fiberglass) but crank the foot up to 90 degrees for another 2 weeks…… Is this a conservative approach or standard protocol??  I feel like alright, enough with the casts - when are some of you at least starting to put some weight on your leg and get moving again??  Tell me about this boot some people are using…..As for me, I am an active (or was) 31 year old that is going out of my skull!!  Any feedback is appreciated.   Thanks all!!!

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  1. I’m a bit confused… did you have surgery, or are you just getting the casts? If you didn’t actually get surgery, that’s the conservative approach and you’ll be in the cast for a long time. If you get surgery to attach the tendon then you can walking in a boot within a couple weeks. My boot is basically a rigid boot that sort of feels like you’re wearing a snowboard boot. It’s mostly lots of velcro and metal plates. It allows you to walk while not using your tendon.

  2. I’m coming up n 9 months Post OP. I had a none weight bearing cast for 4 weeks. A full weight bearing cast for 2 week then into a removable walking boot. I was able to walk around the house barefoot. When I left the house I put the boot on. I had the boot for almost two weeks before I was back in two shoes.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck

    San Diego

  3. I was in a plaster cast with foot pointing down for 12 days post surgery. Then I went into the walker boot, as Peter says kind of like a tall snow-board boot, velcro fastening - you can take it off the bathe and move your foot around, massage the tendon etc. The one I had had air bags you could inflate around the back of the leg for support , and removable heel wedges. Check it out at aircast.com. There is nothing wrong with the rehab protocol you are doing except that it is the way they used to do it before someone invented the walker boot. The boot is supposed to speed recovery time and there is no reason why you couldn’t go into the boot instead of the next cast but you will recover either way! Hope this helps.

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