ok….this is miserable……I am at week 3 - in a word….aggrivated. Can’t move, I feel perpetually sore (everywhere- hands, shoulders, strong knee, foot - not just the incision) and basically feel worthless. I have my foot down at a 45 degree angle and am fully NWB. I watch my 2 year old run around the yard as the bitterness inside me grows knowing full well that I can’t be out there running with her……so I have an appointment in about 1 week which will be 29 days after surgery……anyone have an idea where this goes from here??? The doc says new cast at 90 degrees but what is this boot and when can I start putting some weight on this thing???

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  1. I wouldnt get to down. I’m at the 7 week mark today, still in the boot but finally ditched the crutches and am moving well. Once you get the cast off it will get much better. I got the boot at 4 weeks post op. I was still using the crutches after having the boot for 2 weeks but gradually started walking better. Dont worry you will get there.

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