What is the cast timeline……Giddy Up!!!

So I had the surgery where they put me in a half cast at 45 degrees with toes pointing down - after 10 days I then went back to the doc who put me in a fiberglass cast for 19 days in the same position.  I will go back to the docs in a week and he wants to change the cast (still fiberglass) but crank the foot up to 90 degrees for another 2 weeks…… Is this a conservative approach or standard protocol??  I feel like alright, enough with the casts - when are some of you at least starting to put some weight on your leg and get moving again??  Tell me about this boot some people are using…..As for me, I am an active (or was) 31 year old that is going out of my skull!!  Any feedback is appreciated.   Thanks all!!!


ok….this is miserable……I am at week 3 - in a word….aggrivated. Can’t move, I feel perpetually sore (everywhere- hands, shoulders, strong knee, foot - not just the incision) and basically feel worthless. I have my foot down at a 45 degree angle and am fully NWB. I watch my 2 year old run around the yard as the bitterness inside me grows knowing full well that I can’t be out there running with her……so I have an appointment in about 1 week which will be 29 days after surgery……anyone have an idea where this goes from here??? The doc says new cast at 90 degrees but what is this boot and when can I start putting some weight on this thing???

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