Question about shoes

Question about shoes – and how much do you think they can contribute to an ATR. Also, I am seeking recommendations about the best shoes for running, walking, tennis, weights post-ATR.
My ATR happened when I was wearing these Adidas running shoes:

When I bough them they were supposed to be top of the line, but somehow [...]

6-month update

I’ve just passed the 6-month mark since my ATR, and thought it’s a good time to give an update.
My calf is considerably smaller and weaker on the bad leg. I can do 5-6 heel raises, and only able to lift the heel for about 2 inches. My range is not great on the healthy [...]

Better late than never - II

November 10
I hate to be late. I think it’s disrespectful to whomever you’re meeting with, and people who are chronically late don’t get a lot of my respect either. In fact, I’ve never tolerated it even with my dates – I don’t care what their rule book says.
Anyway, 3 weeks post-op is my first day [...]

Better late than never

Sorry for posting these about 5 months late…
November 3
None of the really successful people I’ve ever dealt with were rushed, egoistic or fidgety.
Went to see Mr. Ortho2 to take the cast off.
He had me lie on my back, and cut through the bandage (they had put me in a “backslab” – hard cast along [...]


Hello again!
Well, had surgery on Monday…
Monday, October 20.
Hopped in the cab, got to the doctor’s office around 8am – 45 minutes early! Unbelievably light traffic through Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush – a byproduct of the credit crunch, or sheer luck?
His office is in a row of old townhouses, 4-storey tall. There are a few other [...]

Days 1-11

Hello all!
I am 36 years old, fairly active, worked out 5 times a week. Blew my Achilles playing tennis – POP, “blow” above my heel, and I am on the ground waiting for an ambulance. This happened around 5:30PM on Thursday, October 9. I was taken to the small injury department in St. [...]