Question about shoes

Question about shoes – and how much do you think they can contribute to an ATR. Also, I am seeking recommendations about the best shoes for running, walking, tennis, weights post-ATR.

My ATR happened when I was wearing these Adidas running shoes:



When I bough them they were supposed to be top of the line, but somehow I think they’ve contributed to my rupture. You see how they hug the heel, extending around the Achilles tendon? This may be completely crazy, but it seems like they have such a secure grip on the heel that they ripped it away from the tendon, with sort of a bottle-opener action.

Is there any merit to this? Should I get rid of these shoes because they caused ATR, or simply brought me bad luck?

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  1. That’s funny that you asked those questions about your shoes. I threw away the nike basketball sneakers I was wearing when I had my ATR because they reminded me of the injury and are bad luck.

  2. Haha, glad someone else is thinking along these lines.

  3. Well, i was wearing ordinary shoes and just walking, so who knows!, I am wearing the very same shoes today, so should I be extra careful ???


  4. I think bad shoes can contribute to tendonitis/tendonosis but because of the force required to rupture your Achilles, I am not sure your shoes can contribute a whole lot to that. I still don’t wear the shoes I was wearing when I ruptured. Partly because they are soccer/football shoes and I can’t play yet and partly because it is fun to be angry at something. Tee hee! Just joking!

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