Better late than never

Sorry for posting these about 5 months late…

November 3

None of the really successful people I’ve ever dealt with were rushed, egoistic or fidgety.


Went to see Mr. Ortho2 to take the cast off.


He had me lie on my back, and cut through the bandage (they had put me in a “backslab” – hard cast along the sole of the foot almost up to the knee, and just soft bandage along the front of the leg). The doctor said the wound looks beautiful.


When I asked him whether there is any way to check if the tendon is healing and has not re-ruptured, he said it’s too early to tell, and did not attempt to do the Thompson test.


He then put me back in the Aircast boot, with 5 wedges, and told me to keep 5 wedges for 2 weeks, and wear the boot day and night, and after 2 weeks to take out one wedge per week, starting from the bottom, and to go ahead and start physio ASAP.


He is always in a hurry (more so than your average doctor) – this whole visit must have taken 10 minutes at the most. When I asked whether he used dissolvable or non-dissolvable stiches inside, he mumbled something indiscriminate about how sometimes he uses dissolvable, other times non-dissolvable. Then when I asked him whether I should be doing anything special with the wound when I am taking the bath and stuff like that, he snapped “Mr. Addict, if there were, I would have told you so.”


Granted, I do ask a lot of detailed questions, and to some it may come across as doubting, but it’s not doubt – just paranoia I’ve developed after some of the past medical experiences. Perhaps I should have more faith. But then again, as Jack Welch said, the paranoid survives

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