27 Weeks. Nearly forgot about this place !

Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m not drawn to the forum as time goes past !

Seems to be a recurring theme once a person gets beyond a certain point in their recovery, there is no real need to keep checking and asking for advice etc.

But it is good to come back and share lifes ups and down since the event the resulted in my ATR.

All in all, I have had it good. My ATR was repaired non surgically with a Vacocast boot and straight into weight bearing (boot assisted for the first 9 weeks and then off and left to my own devices)

Now at 27 weeks tomorrow I no longer worry about the tendon. Sure it is still a little tight and I need to stretch it first thing and throughout the day, but strength wise it feels ok.

Sunday was a bit of a milestone for me as I went out on the hardtail mtb with the good lady wife. We only did a 35 min easy route through the local woods, but the trails were muddy and there was a couple of hills.

I’d say I gave it about 80% effort up hill but didn’t push it speed wise just in case another ‘off’ resulted.

No pains in the ankle or tendon area afterwards and it actually felt a lot looser after the stretch the ride give my leg.

I was clipped in using spd pedals and carbon soled shoes, so there was deliberatly a reasonable amount of pressure on the tendon area. My physio had advised this some time ago, as it forces the tendon to work and stretch in a relatively safe and secure clipped in enviroment.

So, I am happy with my progress so far. Still going to be some time away before I go full bore on the bike round harsher trails, but this is planned and expected to happen around August.

As for ultimate tendon strength, I can now do a 10mm or so heel lift on demand and can hold it for around 3 or 4 seconds. I am not really bothered about this test as I know that it will come back as time progresses.

It’s all good, so keep with it if you are new to the injury - it does get better :)

2 Responses to “27 Weeks. Nearly forgot about this place !”

  1. Sounds great! Congrats on your progress. Right now I’m just over 4 weeks, and I’m looking forward to where and when the ATR no longer seems to be dominating my life.

    Good to hear you’re doing well and have made it out of the valley of darkness, so to speak. Stories of success right now are what I need!

    All best.

  2. Good to hear that you are all healed up by now! And thanks for the encouraging words on my blog. I have been reading some of your old posts and it will definitely be helpful for me down the road!

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