Nearly 21 weeks. Non op update

January 9, 2012

No news is good news - or so I’d imagine on this forum.
As good as it is to come on and post about how life is getting back to normal and things are progressing - the very fact of the above means that what was once a nightly scoured web site has become almost a non entity.

Good news for the individual concerned, but not very constructive as part of a blog… lol.

So, here I am at 2 days off 21 weeks since my complete left leg ATR.

The NHS physio has now come to an end (this morning), and I did my first off the ground single leg raise on my bad foot. Only managed 10 mm or so and notfor very long, but a lift is a lift in my eyes.

As for normal life, I am now doing 90% of the things I would normally do. Not much of a limp, no hesitance up and down stairs (not running up though), and no slow walking.

I’ve given up on the mtb on the indoor trainer as it was so damn boring, but not before I could stand on the pedals (clipped in with spd shoes) and spin the cranks for a good few turns.

I am now using an eliptical (cross) trainer instead. Couldn’t get a full revolution 2 weeks ago without ankle pain, but now no problem. So 30 minutes a day I am getting a very good workout. The AT seems to be ok with anything I throw at it, but I still have some ankle instability.

All going well considering and nothing I didn’t expect.

Still have swelling at the end of the day and my bad foot is still a fair bit warmer than the good one most of the time, but importantly I can feel myself improving every day.

I even managed a very gentle jog for about 50 yards without feeling flat footed, although a proper run is not high on my wish list so I’m not pushing it.

If your reading this just after rupturing your achilles, please take heart that it will get better if you listen to the medical team and take your time.

I have a long way to go still and even now every day feels better than the last.

Don’t rush it !