17 Weeks. Moving along ok and physio to take a new leap

December 13, 2011

Nothing much has changed for me since I started physio a few weeks back.

I am now doing lunges with weight, squats with weight, and balancing a lot longer on the ‘bad’ leg - both on a balance cushion and a mini trampoline.

Can manage to hold myself in a single leg slight squat on either for around 15 seconds. Might not seem a lot, but 3 weeks ago I managed 3 seconds !

Single leg heel lift is sme way off, but I can nearly walk on tiptoes.

Have been given the ok to use my bike on the road lightly with flat pedals, but the PT is more keen to have me use the indoor trainer with my spd cycling shoes. This will give my tendon more work to do, whilst keeping the potential for mishaps to a minimum - not a lot is going to cause an unplanned stop in my garage .. haha.

As for general feelings, in the morning as I wake there are no pains or swellings. It is a little stiff but not that much more than pre accident. However, irrespective of what I do during the day, come around 8PM and both legs feel very tired, delicate and tight. It eases up as I move around but on the whole the strength is returning and my ROM is increasing.

I’m told by the PT that I am more or less out of the woods with regards to a re-rupture providing I don’t do anything stupid.

Not too sure about that, but I can half imagine how it could be re-ruptured as right now I feel as though I am stronger than I probably am.

Will be sorting a bike on my turbo trainer over the Christmas period and then giving it a try as soon as.

The stepper that I was using managed 3 days of 30 minutes a day before it exploded, so that was a waste of time.. lol.