Week 14. One legged heel raise - yeh right

My PT enroled me onto a 6 week rehab course at the local hospital.

It is a class for lower limb injuries and around an hours solid work over various exercises.

First session was Monday and as I walked in I thought it was going to be easy. With respect to the 5 others attending, 3 of them were elderly and the pace I thought would be rather slow.

However, the main guy taking the class had other ideas. He too suffered an ATR a few years ago, which I think is good for me personally as he knows what is needed.

An hour later, I had done all the exercises I was supposed to plus another 4 that were not ticked for me to do until a few weeks in. He had me using the stepper 3 times instead of two and a few balance board and squat exercises.

A very good workout and I came away sweating like a sweaty thing, with exercises specifically for ankle strength and stability.

At the moment my balance on the bad foot is poor and I can’t do a single heel lift on the bad foot. No pain, it just doesn’t work - so that is my next goal :o)

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  1. Sounds very similar to the PT stuff I do (lower limb class, excercises to do). Don’t worry about the one legged heel raise, the PT person will know when you are ready, don’t try and rush it beforehand as (a) its a very very hard thing to do and (b) it is not the be all and end all (look at norm for example, he’s doing full on explosive volleyball yet has trouble with his one legged heel raises).

    Best of luck!

  2. Thanks bcurr.

    I’m not unduly bothered about what I can and can’t do now, as I appreciate that muscles don’t just re-appear over night.

    As long as the training is going the right way then all good. I’ve taken the young uns balance disc thing and am now doing 30 seconds on both legs then as long as I can on each individual leg whilst squatting slightly.

    So far I have gained good balance on both legs, around 15 seconds on the good foot and 4 on the bad one.

    It is getting better slowly, but still aches and feels very weak as I step onto the inflatable thing.

    I’ve also been told by the PT instructor to concentrate on the knee forwards (as in against a wall) push. I’m sme way off the wall and don’t seem to be getting any better day on day, but after a week or so I can move forwards around another inch, so clearly it’s working.

    Slowly slowly me thinks.

    I’m going to ask the PT if I can buy myself a simple stepper machine and use it around 20 to 30 mins every day. Mainly to get myself working often as well as the rehab.

    Might be too soon, but shall see his opinion.

  3. If you click my name Adam you’ll go to my blog where each PT week I did my best to note the exercises done. Balance boards are fantastic and if its a forwards/backwards one only you can make things harder by moving your heel further and further back. In a few weeks time you should be on the next really good one which is skipping (where I am now).

    The best stuff I’ve done though to help me (I think) is the stuff I do in work so just standing around on my toes, which then moved to walking up the stairs on my toes, which has now moved to running up the stairs 2 at a time whilst on my toes and springing off. It doesn’t sound much, but there are 52 steps in work which I go up and down at least 10 times … so thats 1040 steps a day, or 520 now I’m skipping one at a time ;-)

    Regarding flexibility I found that pretty easy to get back early on and then stopped as it was becoming “too easy”. All I did was roughly every other hour do the knee to the wall stretch 3 times holding for 10 seconds on each. On each time I would make the stretch a tiny bit more. After about a week, flexibility had improved loads.

    Best of luck!

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