Week 14. One legged heel raise - yeh right

November 24, 2011

My PT enroled me onto a 6 week rehab course at the local hospital.

It is a class for lower limb injuries and around an hours solid work over various exercises.

First session was Monday and as I walked in I thought it was going to be easy. With respect to the 5 others attending, 3 of them were elderly and the pace I thought would be rather slow.

However, the main guy taking the class had other ideas. He too suffered an ATR a few years ago, which I think is good for me personally as he knows what is needed.

An hour later, I had done all the exercises I was supposed to plus another 4 that were not ticked for me to do until a few weeks in. He had me using the stepper 3 times instead of two and a few balance board and squat exercises.

A very good workout and I came away sweating like a sweaty thing, with exercises specifically for ankle strength and stability.

At the moment my balance on the bad foot is poor and I can’t do a single heel lift on the bad foot. No pain, it just doesn’t work - so that is my next goal :o)

13 weeks. First full Physio and pains

November 18, 2011

So far so good with my ATR repair procedure.

Physio yesterday showed my ROM is now about 95%. Still stiff and tight to push my knee forwards, but getting there.

Also managed 2 minutes on the stepper, 4 on stationary bike and 5 on treadmill.

Am now enrolled on a gym class thing for lower body. Like circuits under strict guidance I suppose.

Today was a little stiffer than normal which I expected, but this evening I have been suffering a sharp stabbing pain in the AT area every 10 minutes or so.

Not had it before and I had previously used my ice and compression pack for 20 minutes as normal.

Movement and strength seem ok so wonder if I have either tweaked a nerve or scar tissue is getting dislodged etc.

Don’t really want to be going back to the docs at this stage.

Any thoughts out there ?

12 Weeks. Driving and back to work

November 9, 2011

Well, the last week was rather a large leap forwards.

I managed to buy myself a combined ice pack / inflatable device for my ankle, and tbh it has worked wonders.

The swelling went down instantly after 20 minutes pressure, and after 3 or 4 doses of 20 minutes over a couple of days it hasn’t returned to anything like as swolen as before.

I am now moving along nicely with the stretching. Can go around 3 inches forwards with my knee compared with this time last week.

Still not walking properly, but the visit to my consultant yesterday was the last one ! He had a good look and poke around, had me support myself on a table edge and then stand on tiptoes and heels of both feet. Did do with no trouble or pain, although standing on tiptoes was mainly my good leg with the other just lifted for good measure - so not sure what he saw in that.

Was also given the ok to drive, and have done so for the last two days at work.

Life is now getting back to normal, although I still have a long road ahead it is becomming less hazourdous as time moves on.

The next 12 weeks will be more aggressive physio and swimming, but no running or off road cycling.

The one thing that I didn’t like from my consultant, was that he suggested I think long and hard before getting back on a mountain bike and hammering the trails ever. He said that the tendon will always be scar tissue and weak, and that there is a chance it will re rupture at any point years down the line should I give it too much abuse.

So much for others saying it will be super strong once healed after 18 months.

Still, I have no plans to give up my beloved hobby. An accident after 20 years plus of riding will not stop me :o)

11 Weeks - Physio assesment.

November 2, 2011

Well, I’ve made it to physio in one piece. 11 weeks really have flown by. For all those reading this having just suffered an ATR, it might feel like the end of the world at the moment, but time does bring healing and a return back to normality.

This afternoon I went to my first physio session outside of the main hospital when the boot came off.

Today was only an assesment to determine the level and type of physio I need, but the outcome was good I believe.

Comparing strength tests on the two legs, I can manage 90 to 100% with the bad foot compared to good. This was pushing up and down and also left to right. Only on the tests she gave me, which are not directly pushing on the tendon I would think. She was very keen for me not to put weight or stress on my toes under any circumstances, so it isn’t a full test just yet.

No pain apart from when the therapist pushed on the ball of my big toe instead of the side of my foot. I felt a sharp but not intense pain in my calf with this, but she soon backed off.

At the moment I still have lots of swelling to control, so much so that my ROM is now at 50% and less than it was when I was taken out of the boot 3 weeks ago.

My calf is also very tight and swolen, along with the ankle and top of my foot.

Doing the knee forward stretch, I can only manage slightly forwards from upright before a tight pull in the lower right side of my calf. This will be worked on.

I have a series of new exercises to stretch out the calf and hopefully drop the swelling.

Next session two weeks today.