10 weeks. Non opp. Lots of swelling

October 26, 2011

I’m 10 weeks into recovery of a complete rupture. Had 9 weeks in the vacoped boot and out of it last Tuesday.

I can walk without crutches, but it is more of a hobble with the good leg only just going past the bad.

I’m going through the 3 step exercise routine that the hospital gave me (flex up and down, rotate and draw alphabet) 3 times a day, but by the end of the day my leg from the knee down to my toes is significantly swolen.

Overnight it reduces to a reasonable level, but over the day it swells to the point I have to take my trainers off around 6pm to stop them digging into the tendon area.

When the Vacoped came off, the doctor said I was swolen and needed to get it down by walking a lot and continuing exercises as above. This doesn’t seem to help.

I’m not really elevating it above my heart, and do ice it 3 or 4 times a day, but it makes no difference.

The hospital suggests I don’t need to, but should I be sitting with it elevated and iced during the day every day until the swelling subsides, or just wait for the physio which starts in 6 days?

I’m also now getting muscle pains into my thigh and behind the knee, probably due to walking in a stupid fashion.

Thoughts welcome.

Nine weeks post non op - two shoes (with crutches).

October 18, 2011

Went into the hospital today for the vacoped removal.

They took it off, had a quick feel and sent me down to physio straight away.
I got a very brief 10 minutes of her time when she had me walk with crutches up and down to see how my foot and leg were looking.

I now have a booklet with exercises in to do every day.

After a few days I have to try to push my knee slowly to a wall and see how it feels.

Not got to go back to the hospital for 3 weeks and will be getting a physio appointment through from our local health centre.

For the moment I have been told to carry on as normal and walk often but with crutches and very slowly - not to put the good foot past the bad on that step.

Seems quite logical but sure is scary out of the boot totaly for the first time after 9 weeks.

And my foot and especially ankle has swolen to comedy levels.

Week 7 Non surgical with Vacoped boot. -30 to 0 and flat sole today.

October 4, 2011

After what seems no time at all, I am now at 7 weeks from the ATR accident.

Today I have had my boot adjusted to go from -30 up to 0 degrees, and had the flat sole fitted.

So at or near a correct walking position.

Luckily I took my crutches with me, as the nurse suggested I may need them for a day or so following this tweak.

She wasn’t kidding. It felt very odd at first, and pulled quite heavily when I got to the previous -15 degrees point.

I’ve not yet pushed it all the way to 0, but can get quite close when pushing on the adjuster by hand to manipulate my foot.

It will be different walking as the pressure is now onto my heel instead of forefoot with the previous position and angled sole.

After the relative comfort and security yesterday, I feel soft and pathetic once more… lol.

This was the same when I went from -30 degrees fixed to -15 to -30 movement a couple of weeks ago, and I soon got over that once I could reach the end of travel in the boot.

Hopefully it will only be a couple of days at most to get to the same point now, before the true milestone 14 days from now when the boot is off.

This injury is always 2 steps back and 3 forwards at every key point of rehab to recovery.

It tests the will and patience of sufferers and especially there loved ones, but we will all get through it eventually.

Slow and steady (relatively to normal life speaking) deffinately wins the race with and ATR