About me and the incident.

Hi and welcome to the first ever blog I’ve written.

Ideally I suppose I should have wrote one about something less injury related - but such is life that I find myself here and writing this as my first !

I’m a 39yr old (40 on Friday 9th Sep), from Leicester in the UK. Married with two kids, a cat and a dog.

Always been into sport and especially mountain biking. Mainly XC orientated with rides around local trails and trail centres (Cannock Chase). Also up into the Yorkshire Moors and Peak District on the odd occasion.

My fateful ATR came on an MTB ride around the local woods. 3 days into a 2 week holiday from work, with the plan to ride the same route every day and see how much my times improved over the two weeks.

On said ride, I rounded a corner in the woods to find somebody had sabotaged the trail. An attempt at avoidance resulted in a small off which caused the bike to stop dead on its bottom bracket against the upslope lip of a small bomb hole. My left foot collapsed downwards on the spd pedal and stretched the AT out to snapping point. The frame the landed on the same point in my leg for good measure.

My lower leg was immediately encased in a concrete like feeling and movement of it was very slow and strained. I knew something wasn’t right but managed to pedal the 6 miles home by using my good foot clipped in and the left just resting the heel on the pedal.

In the hospital 3 hours later with the injury shown to be a full rupture and a front slab cast installed on my leg.

Sent home with the information that I’d be getting a call from the orthapedic department soon to discuss the options.

On it continues….

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  1. adm,

    I am sorry to meet you so to speak. That is not cool about your fall off the mtb and even more not cool was the result. As you are new to the site have a good look and read about the two options you will be given. surgery vs conservative. There is a lot of information on the two options. In NZ you are not given an option really, it is conservative and that was what I was wanting anyway.

    At the end of the day I imagine you are resting up right now so take the time to research the injury etc. I will not try to convince you one way or the other. Do the research, ask people questions and come to your own decision.

    Unfortunately there is no right way to deal with this injury, everyone will give you their own opinions, especially the ’specialists’. An ATR would be so much easier to deal with of there was a agreed way to sort it out but there isn’t.

    And the riding will take a while to get back into. Do not rush things. Unfortunately riding back on the trails will be a long way off. That sucks eh, it is my only sport and I am missing it so much. If I didn’t get a ride at least once a week I would get all shitty and my wife would tell me to get out of the house and go ride. 14 weeks…. on I am doing ok.

    Keep in touch and good luck with everything.

  2. Thanks fellow mtb rider :o)

    Yes I very much agree that there is so much debate on this injury it is rather ridiculous.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if there was a middle ground, but the sides are polar opposites with neither having an outright ’selling point’ if you like.

    I was only offered the conservative treatment by the local NHS as they have a ‘no surgery’ policy now. The private consultant I saw also agreed with them, although not with the same path of events in rehab etc.

    I am very much the same way as you and get frustrated if I don’t get a ride in every few days. Have been this way for 20 yrs+, so to do nothing all of a sudden is quite a shock.

    There is no novelty with this injury is there lol.


  3. Different sports but same sentiments …. It is indeed the variety and inconsistencies with treatment options that adds to the frustration, just as you realise this is more than a standard issue ’something broke, 6 week fix’ injury.
    Good luck fella

  4. Adam. Just found your blog. What a good read and I know what you are going through albeit a few weeks behind you. I was playing rugby for Market Harborough on 30 Sept, kicked the ball and bang the proverbial shopping trolley hit the back of my right calf. A & E here we come.
    I am now 5 weeks post surgery. Full cast for 4 weeks and now at the end of my first vacoped week. Going to take it very easy and not rush. First day at work tomorrow, lots of stairs and no lift!!! Charlie also from Leicester

  5. Hi Charlie.

    Nice (In a weird type of way !) to see somebody from Leicester.

    There is a fair few sufferers with ATRs’ it seems - or so the waiting times and vacopeds in the LRI would have you believe lol

    Time really does fly by with this injury. It only seems like yesterday when I was told I’d be in a boot for 8 weeks.

    I’m sure you’ve read all the information and seen various opinions on surgery / non surgery and rehab protocols etc.

    I read most of them and sent myself loopy for the first week tbh. Now I have calmed down and (as others always advise), just take one stage at a time depending on the situation today.

    Luckily I can work from home to a large degree (albiet without visiting customers - which is my main role), so I’d say keeping working was the biggest help for me.

    Having too much time on your hands is not a good thing with an injury that demands you show it respect and don’t push anything too far too quick.

    My vacoped boot broke twice during the time I had it. The first time the inner vacuum section split somewhere and wouldn’t stay hard, and then the removable front section snapped.

    Neither were massive problems and were sorted after a few hours waiting in he hospital.

    If you suffer from the boot rubbing on the top of your foot or not feeling too secure, I found that placing the removable top section inside the ‘wings’ of the boot and the tabs around the pivot point inside as well helped a great deal. Fitted better and no more sores.

    Any questions please ask and I’ll offer some opinions for you, although everybody is different and I didn’t have surgery so it may not be the same answer.

    Good luck.

    PS. Do you have a blog?
    If not, I urge you to start one as they help massively to keep the time frame an recovery in check.

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