December 4 - day of surgery

Hi again and thanks to Michelle who wrote a comment with acute accuracy about the nature of our condition and the length of this upcoming recovery.

I had to be at the hospital at 6am. Cedars Sinai at the edge of Beverly Hills. They tried to do a neural block. It didn’t take. So the general and I spent some time together and for that I’m hoarse with a sore throat all day, including right now. It’s 6:50pm. I was home by 1:00 pm. Here’s the good news: General anesthesia still in my system and dilaudid has me not feeling my foot nor the incision. That’s supposed to be gone tomorrow.

It was right here that I stopped writing and came back to it now. It’s now 1am and I have a whole new take on this.

The Dilaudid is wearing off. The pain in my foot is exploding. This too will pass but I think this is the beginning of a few day process. Think ball peen hammer forcibly hitting my heel. it works for me. What a change in the last 6 hours. That’s it for now.

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  1. Hi Adam, the pain is excessive after surgery, take the pain killers on time to prevent it from getting bad. I didn’t during the first day after and it’s not worth it, just take the pain killers. It will die down after a few days and then you can switch to lesser pain killers and after a week or so you should be much better and able to take less. Good luck and wishing you a healthy recovery!

  2. Have a good , painless day.

  3. Agreed re staying ahead of the pain with painkillers. My pain subsided pretty quickly, and by day four I was completely off of them. Good luck to you in your recovery!

  4. Hi Adam! Hope the pain is getting better today. I had some mlld pain when I got home too after the general started wearing off. Completely agree with everyone else - I scheduled my meds quite regularly and that seemed to help. Good luck on your road to recovery! We are pretty much on the same schedule :)

  5. Thanks for all your comments. And hi Quichi. Nice surprise to find u here.
    Much love,

  6. Hope you’re feeling stronger and better every day. Lulu, Ann and I send all our best wishes.

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