I wanted to write a quick 5 week update as I think some significant strides have been made. As you may or may not know, this weeks started out with me relying heavily on walking with one crutch, leading to much pain and fear that something went wrong.. both of those have begun to dissipate and I have started to take a few steps WITHOUT CRUTCHES at home (in the boot of course)! I’ve learned that if it hurts, dial it back a bit, give it a rest, and try again when you feel ready.

I have my first big meeting today with a client through work so we will see if my idea about this massive boot and crutches being a great ice breaker plays out.

Some other major advances took place at PT. We re-measured my range of motion which has SIGNIFICANTLY gotten better since my first visit. I started out at -30 degrees Dorsal Flexion (bringing my toes up to my body, I think that the right one?) At the doctor’s visit a week ago, I was at -7 degrees which he said was great, at the PT 2 days ago I was at -4 degrees.. Almost at natural! My movement of my foot from side to side (no idea what that is called) has much improved as well. I’m seeing my calf atrophy, but not too concerned. I’m more focused on that Achilles

At PT, we started doing some isometrics and I’m feeling it a bit in my calf, but all is good.

For those of you who just started out, hang in there, it goes by surprisingly fast. For those of you much farther along than I, I look forward to being you where you soon!

PS, I know this is just me, but I’m still sleeping in the boot and still have not touched my bare toes to the ground.. Paranoid.. It’s annoying


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  1. andrew1971 on July 13, 2012 10:10 am

    Not sure why but the page layout prevents me (windows explorer9) from seeing beyond the line 5 and becomes visible again at “I have my first big meeting today with a client through work so” weird…maybe I have to reset my monitor resolution (currenlty 1900×1200).

    I’ve not been allocated and Physical Therapy yet (Redditch, UK) and I assume your younger than my 41yrs of age healing as fast as you are.

    Let us know if the crutches and boot are as good an ice-breaker as I expect them to be.

    Happy healing :)

  2. greysmom on July 13, 2012 1:33 pm

    Hi Adam,

    I’m about a week behind you and your post is very encouraging. I have touched my foot, albeit at an angle, to the ground and I don’t sleep with the boot. Still makes me nervous. I have my next appointment on Thur. Hopefully, to be told that I can get off my knew scooter and walk in the boot!

    Let us know how your client meeting goes and good luck!


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