The CAM Boot and Work

July 8, 2012 | |

Its pretty tough getting around work with that massive CAM Boot on.. especially for me as I have a size 14 shoe and an XL boot. Day one I put my pants under the CAM Boot but realized that I looked like a dork. I started putting my pants over the boot (leg) but the exposed velcro tore up the side seems of my pants.. Today I had a revelation, I took an old black sock and cut out patches to put over the exposed velcro, pants fit over them like a dream now.. Another thing that sucks initially for me was having to face potential clients on crutches and with the CAM on.. after thinking about it a bit more, I’ve come to realize what an amazing ice breaker it was, also, its shocking how many other people have had like injuries and love talking about them. So once again I’m trying to find the bright side to this!


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  1. kimjax on July 8, 2012 9:36 pm

    Wow! Glad I’ve only had to wear shorts and such in our 100 degree weather. Pants would be an interesting challenge with the bulk and velcro. Glad you’ve found a bright side in all this. :)

  2. normofthenorth on July 9, 2012 1:16 am

    Keep that creativity going, too, Adam. There are LOTS of ways to use it to “cludge” solutions to various problems we faced — from transporting drinks between rooms, to balancing the height of both our feet while walking in a fat-soled CAM boot.

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