3 days before my official 4 week anniversary I went back to my Doctor for a follow up. He said everything was healing great, he took a one heel out of my boot. I was able to get to about 7 degreese when he measured my range of motion, so 7 more to go to get to 0 (or 90 depending on how you measure). He told me once again to week off the crutches, so I have moved to one crutch around the house but still do 2 outside. Im hoping I can ditch them after this next week. He also gave me to OK to swim in a pool, and take the boot off when I sleep. As I’m a massive hypochondriac, I have not done either yet, and probably won’t for a bit. Im feeling a little sore around my ankle still but feel its the swelling and me putting more weight on my foot. Doc also said I have about 2 more months in the boot (at the absolute most, potentially less than that) Day by day we are all getting there!


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