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I am just about 4 weeks post op (seeing the doctor Tomorrow to get a heal lift taken out and ask as many questions I can think of).  I have been doing Physical Therapy for the last two weeks and man does my calf muscle hurt.  At first this was freaking me out a bit, but after talking to some friends who have torn ligaments and tendons in the past, they say PT is very painful at times.  Its not like the upper calf, its the lower, and every image i google of calf muscles (yea I do that) points to the upper part of the Achilles.  Everyone but me feels that this is normal, and I’m sure this is just another installment of my paranoid self. Anyways.. i wanted to post some of the PT routines that I have been doing:


All of this is Non Weight Bearing


Sessions start off by performing Active Range of Motion exercises

Bringing my toes to my chest, having my foot go as close to 90 degrees but not exceeding

I do this about 20 times


Pushing my foot down as tolerated

20 Times


Spell the alphabet with my foot


Pick up marbles with my toes


Put both heals on the ground and act like i am pushing on a gas petal

about 20 times


My foot is still swollen and she spends some time massaging it, which feels pretty good


We also work on my quad muscles doing leg raises

20 times on my back, 2 sets

20 times on my side, 2 sets

20 times on my stomach, 2 sets


She does some electro therapy (which i don’t think does much) and ice it down


At home I do the up and down motion about 3 times a day being careful not to stretch it out too much ie. get to and or exceed 90 degrees


I’m my CAM boot, I have to OK to FWB as tolerated, I previously posted that toward the end of the first week of the CAM book (week 3 post op) I was trying to walk around on one crutch.. I can do it, but i just don’t want to be doing too much too soon.  I’m sure its a combination of putting a lot of pressure on my leg and PT that made my calf hurt.. It almost always is worse after i have my leg up and get up to use my crutches, like the blood flow there is making it swollen, which makes sense. (I keep replaying what the doctor said when he fitted me for the boot, “its going to feel weird, but trust me, you are safe in the boot”)


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  1. Kimjax on July 7, 2012 8:06 am

    Hi Adam,
    This is about the same that I did at 4 weeks, but they didn’t allow any calf involvement yet. I’m now at 9 weeks, and going to try the heels on the ground/gas pedal thing as my calf is pretty weak. I started riding a stationary bike with my boot, and that has really helped leg strength. It was just the motion at first, but now it’s a workout. My calf was very sore from this at first, and I was worried like you are. I get occasional pains in the AT in afternoons when the swelling starts or if I’ve overdone it. As long as it’s not lingering pain (not soreness) till the next morning you’re ok.

    Love your post about the things you wish you’d known. I would add a Tervis coffee mug that fits in the backpack water bottle holder and closes at the top! My favorite gadget is the Aircast Cryo-cuff, which really cuts down on pain and swelling in the afternoon/evenings. Expensive, but so convenient and easy to use. I got mine cheap on eBay.

    As far as massaging the leg, they told me to do this at home to reduce swelling. I pull from the foot down (while it’s elevated) trying to remove the accumulation of stuff around the ankle. Soon, your gentle massage will turn painful when they start working on scar tissue- ugh. But it really helps ROM. I’ll post a pic of the newest tool they gave me for that later.

  2. markray on July 7, 2012 12:55 pm

    Hi, I was diagnosed with severe partial tears (not a rupture) several months ago in my achilles tendon and decided to undergo a PRP treatment (I’ve been a basketball player for many years, I’m now 46)

    It’s now been 7 weeks since the injections. The first several days I wore a boot and for most of the first week had to use crutches. Since, it’s gotten progressively better, however, at week 7, it’s still very sore. I’m continuing to do my own physical therapy which I am hoping will assist in the recovery time.

    My question is, what has been the recovery time for others that have had achilles PRP injections for partial tears? I’m getting uneasy that my doctor will recommend a second injection when I have my upcoming appointment with him next week. If anyone is currently recovering and further ahead than myself, I would be very interested to hear. Thank you!

  3. Adam on July 8, 2012 8:49 pm

    Thanks for the comments and reassurance! They are going to start doing the scar massages this week.. ill be sure I have plenty of Advil.. Markray: Im thinking somewhere around 8 weeks for the tenon to repair itself, but I’m not sure as i had a complete rupture.

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