Protecting Myself from Myself - Week 13

Protecting Myself from Myself

Well, there is not much new to report this week, just taking things step by step with recovering from this Achilles tendon rupture. I am glad to be out of this walking boot however I must say that my doctor was absolutely on point on what he said to me after he g ave me the ok to ditch the boot. He told me to be careful with being in shoes because the one thing that the boot did was protect me from myself,lol.

Sometimes while I am walking about with my 2 year daughter and she decides to take off running, I want to chase after her and right now, I am in no position to take off fast and chase her. When I am walking with a group of people, instead of walking as normal as I can, I find myself trying to keep up and not wanting to slow the group down and I got to keep in mind that I am not 100% and the people know this and there is no shame in slowing anyone down.

The other day my cell phone was charging in the other room and then a call came in. I started to walk fast to get it before the caller hung up however I had to remember that I am still recovering and I can always call them back. These examples are just a few that occurs on a daily basis and my doctor statement really hits home when it comes to these experiences.

I am so very glad to be out of the boot however I must say that it will take some time to be comfortable in my everyday walking sessions. So please take it from me and my doctor, it’s good to be out of the boot however the boot did serve as a valuable protection resource for our injury and our personal safety.
Be Careful and Stay Positive!
Make it HAPPEN!!!

P. “Action” Jackson

P.S. Here is a resource for your achilles tendon recovery.

3 Responses to “Protecting Myself from Myself - Week 13”

  1. Well said my friend. I am in the same position. Glad to be out of boot but full recovery will be quite some time. I am in therapy and doing well but you are right, not ready to pick up the pace. After a trip to the grocery store my foot is tired. Also trying to get out of the the limp too. Best of luck to you.

  2. I am 17 weeks post op and 5 weeks out of my boot. It’s liberating but scary! I felt I turned a corner around 15 weeks. I felt like the tendon was a little less stiff and I tried to encourage myself to walk heel to toe before it became tired. I was so slow I almost went backwards! My PT has really helped and whilst I still walk with s bit of a limp I feel much more confident. I am still very careful about where I step and going down stairs is slow but I can feel the gain every day. It’s a slow process but I feel like I am starting to get there, it’s an incremental recovery and I have tried to focus on what the next step would be rather than look too far ahead, particularly at the start. I just keep looking at my alpine hiking photos and I am determined to get back there in the future. Good luck guys, full recovery to us all.

  3. Hi all I’m only at week 9 and have just got out of my trusty boot so am feeling very scared to walk faster than a striking slug.
    I agree with pjackson about having to protect yourself from yourself as my cat was being sick and I almost jumped to her aid but putting my foot down I realised I couldn’t do anything to help her lol. I also have now learned to leave the ringing phone. It is really hard though!!
    Did any of you experience pain across the top of your foot when you came out of the boot? I didn’t the first time by its quite painful this time

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