Physical Therapy was a Blast all for One Day! Week 6

Physical Therapy was a Blast all for One Day! Week 6

Well here I am checking in with you during week 6 and on last week I was in for a Big surprise… Physical therapy. I visited my doctor a week ago after checking my leg, he advised me to work on getting more range of motion in my ankle. He also asked me to wait 2 days and then take out one heel wedge in my boot to stretch out the achilles a little more. Before I left his office, he handed me a Prescription for setting up my physical therapy and requested that I call and get everything setup.

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Fast forward a few days and I called and set everything up to go in on Friday for an evaluation and get the ball rolling. I went to the physical therapist office, completed some paperwork, met with the therapist, took off my boot for the evaluation and after a few stretches, the therapist asked me to do a few exercises such as heel lifts, pick up some marbles with my toes and drop in a bowl, write the alphabets with my foot to work on the range of motion, etc… I did great!

Now being all excited, I called my doctor to give him the news and after going through my activity at the physical therapist office, my doctor’s office manager told me to WAIT before I started the actual therapy until I come back to the doctor for my next appointment in two weeks. I was disappointed at first because I felt I did good with therapy and I had booked the next 30 days with time and appointments. However I have to keep in mind, that this is a lengthy journey of healing that I am on and for me to get back to working out strong and hopefully not suffer any re-ruptures and long term damage, I need to take my time and go through the proper process that my doctor ordered.

A few days after therapy, my achilles tendon area is very sore, I mean very tender to the touch. While I was going through that one therapy session, everything felt good however now I am almost kicking myself because it felt like I may have pushed it a little too far and now I am left to deal with some “unnecessary pain in that area.

Well, I have 2 weeks to continue icing my foot down, taking the last heel wedge out and being careful with my activity until my next doctor appointment. Until then, I will say, get a full and complete understanding as to when you should start your physical therapy. Even if your doctor give you a prescription for physical therapy, it is likely to be for the setup of the initial evaluation and nothing more or nothing less.

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  1. Wow…I started PT at 12 weeks and went about 3 times and quit. To me it felt like they were just showing me what I had already been doing and learning from others on youtube and here. I am now at 24 weeks and I feel great. Thank you Jesus! I followed the functional non op protocol I found on this site and also Brady Browne’s non op rehab on youtube. Those 2 sources were my bread and butter. OS didn’t do much for me and PT really didn’t do much for me personally. You’re right, this is a long journey so waiting a couple weeks here and there are very minute in the long run.

  2. It is not uncommon to feel fine while doing a new movement only to find pain/swelling/or just general discomfort later. It is also common to hear the cliche’ “listen to your body”. I found that the body is not always a good key in discerning when to stop.

    The key is incremental rehabilitation and a good therapist will understand this. What that means is trying a new movement a few times and no more even if you feel like you can do more and then waiting a few days to see how the body responds. If it responds well you can do the original set/reps and INCREMENTALLY add more over time. Always give the body time before adding sets and reps. The PT will know the exercises to do and the reps/sets to start with.

    Don’t be surprised if you have more swelling/discomfort than you have had now that you’ve started PT. For example I had minimal swelling/discomfort post op until week 8 when I started standing up movements in PT. I hardly had to ice. Weeks 8 - 16 as I progressed in PT I was often sore and icing after each session was common practice. I iced each day 2 to 3 times up until month 7. Though we are all unique in our healing it is more common to be sore & need to ice than not.

    It is worth talking this over with your PT. There is a fine line between STOP pain and discomfort and they can help you discern that….for me I had to learn that line by being super aware of what I was experiencing before, during, and after PT. BTW I am just about 9 months post op. now.

    Best of luck to you.

  3. Sorry to hear your doc is holding you back, but he has your long-term health in mind (mine waited until week 8, too). With two more weeks of healing and resuming PT, your progress will really take off.

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