I Just Need One Crutch to Get My Coffee! - Week 7

I Just Need One Crutch to Get My Coffee!

I’m starting to get that edge back just because it’s football season and yes, I am ready for some football!!! Well I digress, I am really starting to get my edge just because now I’m down to walking with one crutch instead of two and ohh what a relief it is.

For the past couple of weeks, grabbing my favorite cup of coffee (tall Americano) at Starbucks before I get engage in a intense 2-3 hour workday, I was finding myself not enjoying my coffee. The coffee still tasted the same however what was getting me down was the fact that I had to sit at a table very close to “fixings” that I put into my coffee just because of the inconvenince of trying to maneuver a hot cup of coffee and hopping on crutches.

I would get the obligatory assistance from a stranger waiting for their drink however it was a tall order to expect them to wait until I doctored my coffee up with all of my favorite fixings and then walk it over to the table for me. Some days I would just ditch the coffee altogether and buy a drink not open and it seems as if the barista made the coffee extra special on those days; that aroma was buzzing all over the place.

Now that’s all over with and Wow I’m glad about it. I can get my drink and go to my favorite spot halfway across the room without spilling it all over the floor and enjoy that Tall Americano like the “old” days. What a difference one crutch make. I am aware of this major milestone and I receive it with a ton of humility and gratefulness, because its funny how much we tend to take for granted many of our small mundane day to day activities such as getting our coffee and walking back to your seat, until we are faced with some sort of injury or setback.

 photo f75bcafc-49c3-40d4-8b68-c4ecc36d9ac6_zpsfbdvx7j3.jpg

So if you are in the Dallas West Village Starbucks and happen to see a handsome guy walking with one crutch with a Big Smile on his face and he orders a Tall Americano, then say hello and get out of my way because I’m headed to my favorite table about halfway across the room ready to finally enjoy my cup of coffee for the day!

P. “Action” Jackson

P.S. Here is a small gift that you can use during your recovery.

Physical Therapy was a Blast all for One Day! Week 6

Physical Therapy was a Blast all for One Day! Week 6

Well here I am checking in with you during week 6 and on last week I was in for a Big surprise… Physical therapy. I visited my doctor a week ago after checking my leg, he advised me to work on getting more range of motion in my ankle. He also asked me to wait 2 days and then take out one heel wedge in my boot to stretch out the achilles a little more. Before I left his office, he handed me a Prescription for setting up my physical therapy and requested that I call and get everything setup.

 photo physical therapy_zpseo2sypzd.jpg

Fast forward a few days and I called and set everything up to go in on Friday for an evaluation and get the ball rolling. I went to the physical therapist office, completed some paperwork, met with the therapist, took off my boot for the evaluation and after a few stretches, the therapist asked me to do a few exercises such as heel lifts, pick up some marbles with my toes and drop in a bowl, write the alphabets with my foot to work on the range of motion, etc… I did great!

Now being all excited, I called my doctor to give him the news and after going through my activity at the physical therapist office, my doctor’s office manager told me to WAIT before I started the actual therapy until I come back to the doctor for my next appointment in two weeks. I was disappointed at first because I felt I did good with therapy and I had booked the next 30 days with time and appointments. However I have to keep in mind, that this is a lengthy journey of healing that I am on and for me to get back to working out strong and hopefully not suffer any re-ruptures and long term damage, I need to take my time and go through the proper process that my doctor ordered.

A few days after therapy, my achilles tendon area is very sore, I mean very tender to the touch. While I was going through that one therapy session, everything felt good however now I am almost kicking myself because it felt like I may have pushed it a little too far and now I am left to deal with some “unnecessary pain in that area.

Well, I have 2 weeks to continue icing my foot down, taking the last heel wedge out and being careful with my activity until my next doctor appointment. Until then, I will say, get a full and complete understanding as to when you should start your physical therapy. Even if your doctor give you a prescription for physical therapy, it is likely to be for the setup of the initial evaluation and nothing more or nothing less.

P. “Action” Jackson

My Achilles is Healing and I am Writing! - Week 5

My Achilles is Healing and I am Writing! - Week 5

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with your ATR recovery, I’m slowly but surely getting better. I have to day that the days are getting a little shorter and I have been pretty busy working on some of my new ideas and discoveries. I’ll get to one of those ideas shortly so for right now I will stick with my achilles tendon recovery.

I visited my doctor on yesterday and he postponed my physical therapy for another 2 weeks and I’m not complaining however I am tired of using these crutches. He mentioned that after a week or so of home therapy and getting more movement in my foot and ankle area, I could ditch the crutches and put full weight bearing on it. I’m not going to rush it due to the fact that a possible re-rupture is always possible.

New Ideas

Now as for some of my ideas and discoveries, I have been listening and watching my 2 daughters playing and enjoying their summer break and discovered that they both are some amazing human beings. Based on their own communication and activities, I decided to write and publish a children’s book and detail some of their conversation that I believe most young girls their age understand and would enjoy. What’s even more exciting about this project is the idea of making this a family project with my wife assisting also instead of using my own thoughts and content. Everyone is excited to share their ideas and they are even writing some sentences and leaving them on my desk to be included in the book.

I had to include them and get their minds off of playing with my crutches and losing them in different rooms of the house. I also have a wheelchair so that I can maneuver throughout the house and every morning it seems like a game of hide and seek when I am looking for my crutches and the wheelchair. So now you understand how my creative side of the brain awaken me to include the family in on this writing project and I will keep you updated as we move forward on this journey.

I hope all is going well with your ATR recovery as well as enjoying some fun and productive days during this time in all of our lives.
Remember to stay positive, heal thoroughly and enjoy this phase of life.

P. “Action” Jackson

P.S. I know this ATR can slow down the best of us and make us get off of our A game, here is a book, Practical Action Tips, that can inspire you back to action!

Feeling a little Blah from Watching Too Much TV - Week 4

Feeling a little Blah from Watching Too Much TV

I must say that I have been totally out of character as far as my normal day to day activities are concerned. As I recover from this ATR, I am doing what the doctor ordered and that is get in a comfortable place and keep my leg elevated. Now that my daily energy level is getting stronger and starting to get more of my projects and work completed, I took a step back and started watching too much TV. I have tried to get into the Netflix craze and watch a ton of movies and I am starting to be successful at it, however I must admit that I am feeling a little Blah about it today. I had a chance to talk with a couple of friends of mine and they all agreed that, Yes you must be feeling Blah because sitting around the house watching TV is definitely not me.  However they reminded me that I am injured and just going through the ups and downs of recovery and making adjustments during this time.

 photo pj leg 1_zpsdywcpsw8.jpg

For the most part, there were some shows worth watching and I received a few nuggets  from them however I found myself watching replays of movies after movies, such as Diehard, Training Day, Wall Street, 300 and Troy to name a few. I knew I was heading for TV addiction when I tuned into the movie 300 and notice that the movie Troy was on at the same time and I found myself going back and forth between the movies during commercial breaks. My wife noticed me doing this and asked, “Haven’t you watched both of these movies several times before?” Well, I got to snap out of it, shake it off and get back to business.

When I am not out meeting with clients or networking with potential business partners and companies, I am usually working from home as online marketer and I like to have my office and home as quiet as possible with only the air condition blowing during this time of the year. I’m not condemning anyone that watches daytime TV, whatever works for you however I am big on being productive and getting things accomplished during the day. Yes, as much as I hear people saying to take it easy and I have been doing this however it feels better in my opinion, I don’t want to become mentally lazy just because I am physically slowed down for a period of time.

Now instead of watching TV just for the sake of turning it on and passing the time, I will make it as a reward based activity and perform a task and reward myself with catching up on a few TV Show recordings. On the flip side, I am going to enjoy my recovery and enjoy watching some good TV shows and not feel Blah about it. I’m not at the point where I can keep the house quiet and work all day and this is something that I will work up to however the reward based system I think will work well for me in the next few weeks and I will update you on my progress.
Enjoy Your Recovery,

P. “Action” Jackson

P.S. While you are recovering, take a look here at what I am doing to be more productive and watch TV also!

Sleeping with the Covers Off! Week 3

Sleeping with the Covers Off!

This week seem to be creeping by and I am glad to be a part of this community because the information and experiences from so many people are real. I am in the boot now and things are going as planned however the other night, I was reading some of the other blogs and noticed a post regarding sleeping with the boot or not. I received instructions from my doctor to keep my boot on whenever I am vertical however I can take it off when I go to sleep.

Sweet Dreaming!

One of the statements in the article discussed getting your foot or toes caught up in the bed covers. I thought this statement was funny at first until my foot got caught in my bed covers last night and I must say; it Woke Me Up!!! At 3:35 in the morning, I went from dreaming a beautiful dream to rolling over in bed and BAM! Now I’m sitting up looking at my foot like someone came in and stuck a nail through it.

The sudden pain went away however this was a strong reminder to not get too comfy and relaxed and not take this injury and other’s experiences for granted. It’s a good bet to say that tonight I will be sleeping with the covers off of the injured leg and with a loose wrap on it.

No matter how small or detailed your experiences are with your recovery, please share because they really do help. No matter how comical or strange your stories or testimonies may be, they are real and encouraging to say the least and may apply to us in many situations.
Sweet Dreams with the covers off!

P. “Action” Jackson

P.S. I am researching this splint here for sleeping at night and if there are others please advise!

Getting Fitted for Your Boot is a Nightmare! Week 3

Getting Fitted for Your Boot is a Nightmare!

This post will be straight and to the point… No Sugarcoating!!!

 photo achilles boot_zps5fwyd3zg.jpg

“Oh My Goodness! You want me to do what? Wait a minute, let me catch my breath…” These statements and a few more that I am unable to write in this post are what came out of my mouth as I was getting fit for my boot. I have been researching this injury by reading blogs, comments, other people’s experiences, even watching the video muse of Kobe Bryant and his ATR injury comeback and never have I heard, read or saw someone going through this painful experience that I just went through with getting fitted for my boot. From the information that I have gleaned from everything as well as my own experience up to this point has been on point. I mean things such as pre-surgery, surgery, post surgery, foot elevation, rest, getting the cast cut off, having the sutures and stitches removed and more have all went according to planned. That is, until it was time to get fitted for this boot.

When the Doctor told me that we will get you in a boot I was ecstatic to say the least. He gave me the instructions when to take it off, keep on when vertical, do this and do that and I was smiling from ear to ear. Until the “mean and hard to get along with” nurse walked in with the boot. She asked me to sit-up and place my leg inside of the boot with my heal touching the pads on the bottom of the boot. When I say this is painful I mean this is painful!  I had my foot and heel in the boot but the nurse wanted me to move my leg up 2-3 inches to get the straps to line up on the sides. She kept telling me to push my leg forward but with the swelling and the tightness of the achilles, that leg would not move. The pain was excruciating to say least with me stretching that tendon like that minutes after I had the cast removed. She added another pad in the heel but my wife saw the angle and ask that I change my position on the table to the boot and then it became somewhat better.

Now there may be others that didn’t experience this level of pain and discomfort and for this I am glad you didn’t however for others that haven’t reach this phase yet, at least you can say that Mr. Action Jackson did alert you to this point in the recovery process and now you are mentally prepared for it. I spent the last 12 or so hours on the phone with friends and associates that have had this injury in the past and I asked them point blank, why didn’t they say anything about the pain involved with getting fitted for the boot. To my surprise they all laughed and stated that they didn’t want me to know about this because if I had of known I may not have wanted the boot, lol!

Well getting back to that nurse I mentioned a few statements earlier. She wasn’t mean and hard to get along with, she was very nice and did her job of patiently waiting for me to say a few “unpleasant” words under my breath, dodge a few of my kicks coming at her and gave me enough time to catch my breath and start again with pushing my leg in the boot.

After all is said and done, I am glad I am at the next stage and for those that have went through this process before and didn’t warn us about the pain… shame on ya, lol! For those that are coming along to this phase, make sure you are mentally prepared for the worst and be ready for anything when it comes to healing and recovery of this ATR injury. Everyone will have their own stories of this ATR journey and like coaches and athletes say before in competition, “It’s best to stay ready as oppose to getting ready!”
Be Strong!

P. “Action” Jackson

P.S. Take a look here with this nice sleeping boot that I am considering after I realized how bulky that walking boot can be in my bed.

My ATR isn’t the Only Thing that Need Healing - Week 2

My ATR isn’t the Only Thing that Need Healing

Just laying here with multiple thoughts going on in my mind and I am glad to know that there are so many people that are going through the same or similar healing process with their Achilles Tendon Rupture (ATR) and there are plenty of valuable resources to aid in this journey. I have joined a couple of ATR Injury groups and communities and they are very helpful in terms of information to look for in all things related to the Achilles Tendon Rupture. Information on the injury itself, information on the type of casts, boots, crutches, socks, wraps. etc… from day 1 all the way out to several years after surgery, have been invaluable.

After reading through so many posts and comments on healing, recovery and rehab, it’s very easy to get caught up in comparing your own healing process and time-line related to the ATR recovery, to that of others going through the same injury. We can easily forget what we should be doing after listening to our doctor and our own body’s response to treatment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always good to see where you line up with other’s recovery progress, rehab timeline and pictures, however, I have to remind myself that this is God’s way of positioning me to slow down during this season for a reason.

Before my ATR, there was so many things on my plate that needed to be worked on or completed however I would  get caught up in the hustle and bustle of being an entrepreneur , a “Go- Getter” and simply leave projects undone or books unread. Now, the time invested with this ATR injury has me looking at other things that need healing and full recovery. I will use my time of elevating, icing and resting my leg for this deeper purpose to not only heal the physical, but the mental and spiritual component of my well being.

 photo 5d9a95e2-06b5-48cf-a6e8-aa7d79543ed8_zpsqnjk6vlg.jpg

There is so much learning and healing from the neck up that need to take place and for this I am thankful. I mentioned on one of my social media posts, that being a competitive athlete and a Type A personality, enables my mindset to always find a challenge to conquer, a mountain to climb and to try and accomplish it in record breaking time or to at least be way ahead of schedule. However, with my ATR recovery and rehab journey ahead of me, I will allow myself the blessing of learning how to take my time , learning how to utilize and maximize these “slow” periods of time to heal and get better in other areas of my life and prayerfully come out a better man, husband, father, son, brother, leader and follower.

Yes, the internal challenge to be ahead of schedule or break the “healing record” for ATR full recovery, may raise up it’s ambitious head from time to time, however the main thing for all of us going through this injury, is to heal properly and complete and this includes our entire person also. Then we all can get together, challenge and play our games, (football, basketball, tennis, dance, etc…) against each other at full strength, not only physically but also in these other areas as well. I look forward to everyone’s healing progress report and I will continue to encourage you and look for your encouragement as well.
Make it HAPPEN!!!

P. “Action” Jackson

P.S. You know that doing what the doctor ordered and resting the leg can get somewhat boring however blogging is one of my biggest hobbies as well as a powerful tool for business and you can visit my personal blog here at I Am Action Jackson

Surgery or Non Surgery Options - Week 1

Surgery or Non Surgery Options

Now that I have had the surgery, my late night thoughts bring me to the question of why would anyone want to go through a ruptured achilles tendon injury and not get it surgically repaired. Yes I researched and read information on how the nonsurgical option is good for someone that is not active or may not be able to afford the surgery. I also became aware that the time for healing is about the same with surgery as it was without surgery.

 photo 685ba15e-61e5-4eb3-a464-321bbae53ef8_zps8bitkcca.jpg

My doctor discussed the options with me and with not having surgery, the discomfort and not knowing the exact things that could be going on with my foot, was just not in the cards for me. I had the surgery and  the only thing I remember is being wheeled down the hall going to surgery and getting dressed and having the crutches placed under my arms.

What was funny for me is that my wife started telling me what the doctor said (good things) and the physical therapist was also in the room talking to her about some of the exercises that they will put me through. I now realize that the anesthesia is some powerful stuff and now that I am off of it and ready to go home, I’m glad that surgery went well and now it’s time for pain killers, leg elevation and rest.
Talk soon and be Strong!

Action Jackson

Did Someone Hit Me in the Back of the Leg? Week 1

Did Someone Hit Me in the Back of the Leg?

Hello my friends, I am pretty sure you are reading this because you or someone you may know have just experienced some kind of achilles tendon injury. If so, “Did someone hit me in the back of the leg?”, may be the first question you asked yourself upon injuring your heel. I was playing basketball last week and after getting a rebound and dribbling the ball up court, this is what I initially thought when my achilles tendon ruptured. I even looked back and questioned the guys closest to me as well as the referee regarding getting hit in the back of the leg and they all had the same response which was, “no one hit me in the back of the leg.”

 photo achilles tendon rupture 4_zpsatbzymm8.jpg
I knew then that it must be my achilles tendon! I remember seeing and hearing stories firsthand from athletes that I played with and against and how they felt like they got hit by a baseball bat, or getting shot by a gun or hit by a ball in the back of the leg. As a former Pro football player in the position of wide receiver, I always thought about how an achilles tendon injury could end my playing career however it was always ankle sprains and hamstring pulls. Ironically my playing career ended over 20+ years ago with a badly dislocated ankle break and not an achilles injury.

Now, let’s fast forward our way to the hospital to get x-rays/mri performed to see the damage, get fitted for a walking boot and schedule the followup visit to go over the options to have surgery or nonsurgical procedures done and get geared up for a long road to recovery.
Be Strong!

Action Jackson