Not Able to Run is Taken a Toll on Me - Week 15

Not Able to Run is Taken a Toll on Me - Week 15

Hello my friends, I must say that I really miss running so much! I miss jogging on the track, sprinting gassers on the football field and running through the neighborhood and being able to get that heart beating fast and sweat all over my head and shirt. Running has been such a big part of my life and I know from the bottom of my heart that running is directly tied to my core of who I am and by not being able to run, it’s starting to play a huge part in what’s happening with me right now.

I can see now why this injury is a tough injury to deal with not only physically but mentally. I must say that I my leg is getting stronger and pain free everyday and I am extremely grateful for this feeling.  In my therapy everyday, I still get my workout in with weights, sit-ups, push-ups, etc… however I do miss running so much! I miss it and no matter how well my leg is feeling I have to keep in mind not to rush and risk things because I would hate to go back to square one with a re-rupture.

I remember just a few months ago when  I first got injured and so soon after the surgery, I was coming up with so many ideas and plans that I wanted to get done all while I was laying up recovering. Now that I’m back on my feet and getting plugged in back to work, I’m left to wonder, what happened to  accomplishing some of these plans and goals? Where did the time or should I say the ambition go?

I have to be honest and call myself to the carpet on this, but I am really struggling with getting things completed. I find myself being overly cautious and measured in how I am attacking my business workload and plans. I know being cautious and measured when it comes to walking is part of the recovery process however I don’t need to let this sneak in and interfere with my mindset when it comes to work, goals and moving forward with the other parts of my life. It seems that when I can run, my thoughts, my attitude is to be aggressive and in attack mode.

I have been known to be a “Go-Getter” and it’s hard to be one when it seems like I am stuck in slow motion. I know that I have to be cautious with this injury and recovery process, however I need to I have to stay positive, optimistic and faithful and continue to grow from this injury and believe that I am going through this for a higher reason and purpose. The time will come when I will be back to running and doing many of the things that I was doing before and today, I have to literally take things one cautious step at a time.
Keep Moving Forward!

P. “Action” Jackson

P.S. Here is a resource for your achilles tendon recovery.

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